NYC Subway Ride With Just Another Violent Loon


It’s a typical day of travel on the subway in New York City as a maniac pulls one passenger down onto a seat by her hair. Later, he pulls her out of her seat by her hair and no one comes to help.

The passenger can be seen mouthing, “Somebody help me,” as the individual continues holding on to her hair while they are seated. None of the other passengers assist her as the individual holds on to her hair and, eventually, lifts her from the seat.

It’s an upsetting clip. Someone who didn’t help her did make the effort to tape it.

Transit crime incidents in New York City have increased by nearly 58% year-over-year from 576 incidents last year, when fewer people were commuting to work via public transit due to COVID-19, to 907 this year. Total violent crime has increased by more than 39% year-over-year, according to the New York Police Department’s crime statistics for the week ending May 22, Fox News reports.

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