NYC’s Commie Mayor Orders 165K Municipal Workers to Get Jabbed


Anti-Semite LAME DUCK incompetent Stoner de Blasio striving for RELEVANCE by going all “FRANCE” on vaccination cards.

~ Greg Kelly, August 2021

New York City’s communist Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday announced a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all municipal workers. It will cause a firestorm.

Nearly 150,000 of the city’s workers — teachers and school staff — had already been required to be vaccinated, but the new announcement, applying to about 160,500 workers, took the push for vaccination one step further.

They can no longer just submit to regular testing. Why? Why isn’t that enough? This is about control.

If the government can tell you what drugs to inject, what can’t they do?

165,000 Workers Ordered by a Communist to Get Jabbed

New York City is requiring that all of its municipal workforce get vaccinated against Covid-19. They are eliminating the option for testing and joining a group of state and local governments with similar mandates.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an order Wednesday that means some 46,000 city workers need to get their first shot by Oct. 29 or potentially lose their jobs.

The new rule covers 160,500 workers, of whom about 71% are partially or fully vaccinated, according to official estimates. The city said 70% of police and 60% of fire department personnel have received at least one shot.

Noncompliant employees will be placed on unpaid leave and City Hall officials plan to negotiate in the coming days with labor unions about procedures that would follow.

The city already requires vaccines for educational and public healthcare workers. Among the 167,000 employees of the city’s school system, 96% have complied.

New York City’s roughly 8,000 correction officers will face a later deadline of Dec. 1. The city has been struggling to maintain staffing levels at its Rikers Island jail complex.

Greg Kelly Puts It Well Here:

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