NYPD to clean up graffiti, garbage piles, and rats in NYC as it spirals out of control


New statistics from the NYPD released in recent days show the nation’s largest police department received upwards of 6,000 complaints about graffiti, garbage piles, and rats. The city is out of control.

“New York City has been blighted by graffiti leaving some areas of the Big Apple ‘looking like war zones’ reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s, leading to a barrage of vandalism complaints,” reports the Daily Mail.

“As part of a major clean-up operation announced on Wednesday, NYPD officers will examine graffiti tags for clues about gang activity in the city after the department said it had received over 6,000 complaints in 2020 alone.”

“This has been going on too long and I’ve asked on several occasions what can I use to remove the graffiti from the glass of an establishment in Crown Heights to no avail,” @Dewarrestaurant tweeted after the NYPD’s statement.

Many residents and business owners say it’s too late. You know what though, they could help and clean up too as opposed to waiting for the government to use resources.

Read more at Daily Mail.

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2 years ago

Why does anyone want to live in a cesspool like NYC. I can’t understand anyone wanting to live in a Big Blue City. All these People have to do to make their Cities a nice place to live is to vote for a Conservate Republican or better yet a Small Government Libertarian.

Plissken, SD
Plissken, SD
2 years ago

Got fundamental transformation?
People should get festive with it and have a flash mob of Wildcats 1986 cheerleaders out there to pump the crowds (LOL!) up.
Yes we can!

O/T-Passing through parlor and I picked up massive pearl clutching in CCP enemedia propaganda regarding Texas going maskless.
Some WHO comrade was prattling on about absolutely not as if anyone cares what they have to say at this point.