NYPD’s highest ranking officer & two other officers were beaten by “peaceful protesters”


Three officers including the NYPD’s Chief of Department were beaten with a pipe and punched by communist Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “mostly peaceful protesters.” The Chief of Department is the highest ranking uniformed member of the NYPD and even he’s not safe in de Blasio’s New York. Maybe I should say Warren Wilhelm’s New York City since that’s his real name.

A small group of counter-protesters assaulted the three New York Police Department officers, including the most senior uniformed cop with almost 40 years on the force, during a protest in support of the NYPD on the Brooklyn Bridge.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan, who knelt for the protesters in June, was hospitalized with a broken finger and required stitches after a group of demonstrators attacked him and two other officers on the bridge during a ‘Stop the Violence’ protest on Wednesday. Two other cops – a lieutenant and a sergeant, according to local media – were left bleeding from minor head wounds, according to photos released by the NYPD.

Every officer should threaten to quit. This is absurd.

Photos and Video:

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