NY’s Racial Equity Chief: Destroy Israel & Take Over Amerikka?


On Thursday, Linda Tigani took her new position as chair and executive director of the Commission on Racial Equity. Previously, she worked as an organizer with the New York chapter of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement until 2019.

They pursue reparations and want to “Free the Land,” or to establish an “independent Black Nation on land in north amerikka” comprising South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, according to MXGM’s website.

“We say ‘Free the Land’ because We want independence so that we can ensure our Human Rights are protected and that our land will be a zone and base for all who seek liberation and freedom,” the website reads.

That’s not too crazy.
Linda Tigani

She frequently posted anti-Israel messages.


“FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA! PALESTINE WILL BE FREE!!” Tigani wrote in a July 2020 post, which included a clip from the “Day of Rage” rally in Brooklyn.

Demonstrators who took part in the “Day of Rage” reportedly chanted “‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America’ in Arabic in response to Israel announcing plans to annex parts of the West Bank.”

One post that Tigani shared in May purportedly showed an Israeli police officer assaulting a Palestinian man.

“I despise posting this. One of the reasons I, and so many Palestinians don’t, is [because] the depth of humiliation as torture is unbearable, all of us have family who’ve been through this,” the post stated. “This is every single day, everywhere in Palestine.”

Tigani’s Facebook banner image currently shows the Palestinian flag and says, “Free Gaza!!!

A burning United States of America Flag

In a statement about the matter to the outlet, City Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli, a Republican noted the hypocrisy.

“So the wokester who is supposed to call out racism has spewed some racist antisemitic garbage,” Borelli said. “‘Hypocrite’ is probably the only thing I can call her that The Post won’t bleep out.”

She has since protected her posts on X.  She will make $144,000 a year to make sure everyone has racial equity in amerikka.

Eric Adams denies knowing anything about her past.

She was a research analyst at NYU. This is what is happening at our universities.

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