NY’S Unconstitutional Hate Speech Law for Social Media in Effect


The New York prohibition of hate speech law went into effect today. It appears to be very unconstitutional. Social media sites are mandated to remove so-called hate speech from their websites or face fines of $1,000.

Senate Bill 4511A, named “Social media networks; hateful comments prohibited,” was signed by Democrat tyrant Gov. Kathy Hochul in June. It applies to all “for-profit … internet platforms” which conduct in-state business and require they publish a plan detailing how they will remove “hateful” comments from their site.

It demands a policy. “Each social media network shall have a clear and concise policy readily available and accessible on their website and application which includes how such social media network will respond and address the reports of incidents of hateful conduct on their platform.”

Hochul isn’t a fan of the Constitution she swore to uphold.

We are talking about hate speech as defined by New York socialists, including Kathy Hochul, Letitia James, Chuck Schumer, etc.

Is leftist hate speech included in this?

The good ole days when Democrats liked free speech.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) is a watchdog group dedicated to protecting First Amendment rights. They are looking at several First Amendment violations int he bill.

“First, the law is aimed at silencing internet speech New York doesn’t like,” Diaz said. “The state’s highest officials have repeatedly chastised online platforms for allowing this disfavored–but constitutionally protected–speech, and, in something of a First Amendment ‘double whammy,’ this law forces websites to chill their users speech by singling it out with a dedicated policy, complaint mechanism, and required responses too inform complainants how the disfavored speech is being ‘handled.’”

“Just as government can’t tell us what not to say, it also can’t force us to parrot any particular message,” he said.

This is how it defines hateful conduct. “Hateful conduct” means the use of a social media network to vilify, humiliate, or incite violence against a group or a class of persons on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

The way socialist democrats work, it could mean anything. I’m sure this site wouldn’t make the cut. We don’t like CRT, child mutilations, 1619, violent BLM communists, violent Antifa communists, censorship, medical tyranny, etc.

It’s another money grab and an excuse to shut down free speech. The only hate they care about is the hate the interferes with them.

Twitter released data showing that Democrats want to shut down free speech. We knew it, but now we have the receipts.

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