NY’s Unelected Gov Hochul Pretends She Did Away with COV Using Masks


Unelected Governor Kathy Hochul, like everyone in the far-left wing of her party, is a complete fraud. She is falsely attributing masks for the disappearing Omicron variant when, in fact, the masks, and certainly not her, didn’t have a thing to do with it.

There is zero evidence that masks did anything. and, in fact, there’s evidence that states ignoring masks and lockdowns did better. The virus is much smaller than the holes in masks. There is not one peer-reviewed study indicating that masks to a thing.

New York has the worst record of COV of any state. They seeded the country.

Hochul is the mask prom queen who wears a COV necklace and who wants us to all be her COV apostles.

Many on the Left are stealing the Right’s message and pretending they’re our champions for dumping the masks. Hochul is faking hero status.

The frauds are gaslighting us!

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