NYT Asked Schumer’s Permission to Print an Op-Ed by Sen. Scott


A former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss told Sen. Tim Scott during a recent interview that a senior opinion-page editor instructed a colleague to “check with” Senator Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) before running an op-ed from Senator Tim Scott (R., S.C.).

The New York Times denied it, but The National Review said a second source with direct knowledge confirmed Ms. Weiss’s story. He quoted a message sent by the senior editor at the time to the Review. It said to check with Schumer. The source even provided the email address to Schumer’s press rep Justin Goodman.

The Times solicited the op-ed from Sen. Scott and then had to check with Schumer.

Weiss left the Times after criticizing their restrictive, non-liberal environment.

This is what she told Sen. Scott:

Weiss: Here’s what happened. I was at the New York Times and you or your staff sent in an op-ed about the bill, and why it fell apart. And this is the part I’m not sure if you know — there was a discussion about the piece, and whether or not we should run it, and one colleague, a more senior colleague, said to a more junior colleague who was pushing for the piece, ‘Do you think the Republicans really care about minority rights?’

Scott: Wow.

Weiss: And the more junior colleague said, ‘I think Tim Scott cares about minority rights.’ And then — and here’s the pretty shocking part — the more senior colleague said, ‘Let’s check with Senator Schumer before we run it.’

Scott: Wow.

Weiss: And the colleague, the younger one, refused. Because he said — because that colleague said — it wasn’t an ethical thing to do.

Scott: Wow.

The Times claims they never ask permission for approval. However, Bari Weiss is truthful. We don’t agree with all that she believes personally, but she’s no liar, and she reports fairly. Plus, The National Review has a first-hand source backing her up.

Times operatives and other lying legacy media apparatchiks like Soledad O’Brien are demonizing Bari Weiss, calling her a spewer of hate. That’s the opposite of what she is. It’s exactly what they are.

The Times is bought and paid for by their like-minded Democrat socialists

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