NYT “F*ing Little Dweebs” Who Overhyped J6 Are Upset


Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe recently conducted a sting operation and has undercover tapes of New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg. He was in a bar with the Veritas reporters using false identities when he said that the J6 riot was “overhyped”.

He referred to the overreacting reporters and the J6 media coverage, as “These f*ing little dweebs…”

“They [media] were making too big a deal. They were making this an organized thing that it wasn’t,” he said.

Rosenberg and his colleagues were just having fun but the dweebs were claiming it was “so scary.”

Politico reports that the [“little dweebs”] reporters were upset at the Thursday lunch meeting with Executive Editor Dean Baquet. They weren’t upset with themselves for their ridiculous behavior, but rather Rosenberg and O’Keefe.

The young, leftist WOKE reporters can’t deal but they do influence reporting to the Left. This is the real world.


They were upset with Rosenberg for dissing the reporters. They have a point there. Rosenberg wrote something quite different for the Times from what he said in the bar.

Baquet, the Times staffers told Politico, criticized Rosenberg for being careless and stupid. But he said that Project Veritas is trying to “make our heads explode” and divide the Times and that they should not play into the group’s hands.

Actually, we think Project Veritas is trying to expose their duplicity.

But as WaPo’s Jeremy Barr tweeted last night, Baquet has blasted Project Veritas before. In 2017, he chided the group for ensnaring a junior-level employee. While the reporter said “really stupid stuff,” Baquet said at the time, he pinned most of the blame on Project Veritas.

“The greater sin wasn’t his, it was theirs,” he said. “They’re just awful.”

They’re awful for exposing Rosenberg and the “little dweebs?”

What do you think? As “sins” go, who is the biggest sinner?

Some reporters [cancel culturing] want Rosenberg punished but are afraid it will give Veritas more to report.

“Many at the Times — even those unhappy with Rosenberg — view the latest Project Veritas hit as an attempt at intimidation. And they’re loath to be seen as reacting to such tactics, which they say have crossed a line into harassment,” Politico quoted their source as saying.

They are inclined to give Rosenberg the benefit of the doubt since they believe Veritas has selectively edited or misled with tapes in the past.

What would be nice is if they did some self-reflection. It would be even nicer if Baquet addressed it.

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1 year ago

I’ll bet you these gutless snowflakes, who work for American Pravda would be whining and screaming about the mess this country is in if it were Trump in the White House.

1 year ago

A crack in the foam column of the comrade’s collective?
The Wokians are extremely thin skinned and the bubble will burst with just some nudging. (snarkle)

O/T-Several layers of Mockingbird enemedia are on about fuel additives, driving slower, and other ways of coping with the soon to be $10 a gallon gas.
Did we try going out into a field and howling at the sky or hashtags to get the prices down?