People from all over the world, 60% from Africa, amassing at the border


Foreigners are amassing at the border, some are flying in and waiting for the go-ahead promised by Joe Biden. CIS reports: The next caravan predicted last week may not materialize amid a fresh promise by Mexico — after a furtive diplomatic pressure campaign by the Biden administration — that its troops would not allow it to pass.

Press secretary Jen Psaki said they’re not ready for them yet.

Through its official Twitter account, the Mexican embassy in Guatemala this week let the caravan organizers know that: “Mexico does not promote, nor will it allow the irregular entry of caravans of migrants into the national territory.”


Despite Mexico’s efforts, large numbers of migrants from around the world are still flowing into northern cities and towns along the border from Texas to California, powered by adrenaline from recent Biden moves to open the border wide, according to a CIS survey of Mexican media reporting.

It will turn Texas blue quickly. That’s the goal.

They are now sneaking in with smaller groups.

More than 60 percent of migrants in the northern Mexico city came from Africa and showed up in October, November, December, and January, according to local Mexican news reports like this and this.

Even terrorists and criminals are allowed into the country per Biden’s memo. They let a Yemeni terrorist in this week. This is over for Republicans and for our Republic. Thank Obama who is running the Biden show. Watch the clip with Lara Logan:



  1. The precious equality will finally be achieved when we are all digging in the dumpster during a blackout (racist!) with clothes retrieved from one of those deposit your old clothes here bins.
    What a glorious utopia that the comrades will build.
    A progressive paradise where the roads will be paved with gold. (not really)
    They are not ready yet? Get those EBT digits crackalackin Jen Slacki.

  2. It’s going to me like the more than 1.5 million wildebeest that migrate in an enormous loop every year in the Serengeti. Except these illegalbeest will not return to their country of origin in a loop!

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