Oaklanders–Including Illegals-to Get $100 Tax $$$ to Send to Politicians – Seriously


Oakland, California residents – 74% of them – approved the Fair Elections Act. Every two years, residents 18 years and older will be given four $25 vouchers in tax dollars to send to political candidates running for mayor, City Council, or the school board. Oh, and the best part is illegal aliens get the vouchers too.

They are calling the $100 tax-backed vouchers “Democracy Dollars,” even though we aren’t a democracy, but rather  Constitutional Republic. They should call it dollars for fraud.

Democrats are turning us into a Banana Republic.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported the news.

draft of the act explains that the initiative aims to “curb corruption,” encourage more public participation in local elections, and help finance candidates not funded by donors with significant wealth. Additionally, the program will prevent former city officials from becoming lobbyists.

KALW reports “The goal of the measure is to make participation in campaign financing more equitable. Oakland Rising– one of the main supporters of the initiative, says it will shift the current power imbalance in elections funding. Voters will now see greater transparency in who funds elections. At the same time, all Oakland residents will have a chance to contribute toward a candidate of their choice.”

The draft indicates the program will cost at least $700,000 in start-up costs and another $1,850,000 to administer the “Democracy Dollars.”

I’m not kidding. This is real.

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1 year ago

I have a question, does that mean that illegals are allowed to vote in Mexifornia?

1 year ago

Here’s a better idea. You can’t donate to a candidate. You donate to an election office and the money is equally distributed among all the candidates.