Obama Aides Warn Biden’s Too Old, “Frail” & “Mumbly”


A new report from the New York Post quotes Obama aides and officials expressing concerns about Biden’s age and mental fitness. But his doctor just said he’s “healthy and robust” and “fit” to be a “successful” president. Someone needs to investigate that doctor.

Obama aides say his age is “a very real issue.” One says he is more “frail” and “mumbly.”

Joe Biden

“If you watch Joe Biden speak, oftentimes he sounds frail, and he sounds more frail than he used to, even in 2019 and 2020,” Jon Favreau, a chief speechwriter for Obama, said in a recent episode of the “Pod Save America” podcast.

“The voice sounds frail, and he shuffles more because of the arthritis in his back,” Favreau said, adding that the oldest-ever president also appears “mumbly.”

Obama’s top operators are speaking openly about decrepit Joe Biden. As I have said, I can’t believe they will run him, especially with his poll numbers.

They could replace him during the convention. Some reports say Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama are running shadow campaigns. Michelle Obama has never wanted the job, but it wouldn’t be her job. It would be Barack’s again.

Some people mentioned Andy Beshear as a replacement. I wouldn’t rule him out.

Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, David Axelrod, and Jon Lovett all think Joe Biden’s problems are alarming. They wouldn’t say it if they thought he would be the candidate, or would they?

Joe won’t give up, and Jill won’t let him. He’d have to be voted out.

Joe’s great with Abe Lincoln quotes [sarcasm]:

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