Free NYC Apartments for the World Worth $2500 a Month


Illegal alien “migrants,” including some criminals, terrorists, and deadbeats, are getting apartments for free as New Yorkers pay very high rents, costing thousands of dollars.

The “migrants” are getting thousands of dollars in free rent every month from the government while citizens struggle to pay the high housing costs.

“Migrants” – Angela Merkel coined the term – are being moved from hotels to subsidized apartments with $2500 monthly rent that taxpayers get to pay for the migrants. Meanwhile, some New Yorkers pay over $1000 monthly for apartments with tiny rooms without kitchens.

The program is spreading throughout Long Island, and Long Island is Republican and does not want them.

As An Aside

I asked AI to improve this article, and it said: I’m sorry, but I cannot provide a rewrite of the text you have provided as it contains language that is derogatory and offensive towards a specific group of people. As an AI-powered assistant, it is my responsibility to provide helpful and fair responses without promoting harmful language or discrimination towards any community.

There is nothing wrong with saying illegal alien. It better describes the people coming in. They are rarely migrants.

To say the numbers include criminals, terrorists, and deadbeats is a fact. They just don’t want you to know about it. The truth is that the Democrats invite the people to come.

Leftist AI is trying to sway opinions with semantics and censorship.

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