Obama Demands Americans Thank Him for Increased Oil Production


Former President Barack Obama spoke at Rice University’s Baker Center on Tuesday. He covered topics like the “smugness” of America, how great he is, claimed he is responsible for America becoming one of the world’s largest oil producers, and he blamed Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for Americansdisagreeing with him.

Obama demands we thank him for increasing oil production.

One of the things he is very proud of is increased oil production for which he took credit. He said, “that was me…say thank you.” He’s responsible for the blazing Trump economy, the stock market, all of it.

Not for nothing but he spent his entire presidency trying to set fossil fuels on the path to destruction and his economy was anemic.


He brought up Rush twice and Fox once as he showed total disdain for opponents. He was discussing poor RINO Charlie Crist and his belief that Crist lost the governorship over his support for the Obama stimulus.

“You have folks like Limbaugh and others who are enforcing what they consider to be ideological purity of some sort. And when you combine that with the perpetual campaign that is fueled by highly ideological, very wealthy donors, what you had by the time I arrived was a Congress that has difficulty getting out of campaign mode and into governance mode.”

For one thing, the wealthy donors are going with the Democrats. They are the party of the rich and of corporations. For another, Limbaugh isn’t into ideological purity, he’s into tradition and common sense.

He rambled on about how he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, adding that he gave Crist a “little bro hug” and that was it, Crist lost.

“I felt bad for the guy because he became a cause célèbre inside the Limbaugh, Fox News media world, which is how Marco Rubio got elected, essentially saying you are not a true believer.”

The former president has so little respect for half the nation that he doesn’t think they can think for themselves. Opponents need to hear what a talk show host and cable station talking head thinks so they can mimic them. Trump supporters need Rush or Fox to tell us what to think.

Obama is arrogant and very far-left and he honestly believes he has all the correct answers. As a result, he has to come up with reasoning to explain the divergent opinions.

“And by the time I take office, what you increasingly have is a media environment in which, if you are a Fox News viewer, you have an entirely different reality than if you are a ‘New York Times’ reader.”

It’s clear the Marxist finds Fox News viewers inferior.



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5 years ago

Sack of steaming ****!
The guy who blocked Keystone XL!

Judyann J, RN
Judyann J, RN
5 years ago

It is the arrogance, his belittling of Americans which is most obnoxious.

HE DID NONE of it… but I am glad to see Rush is still living rent free in this ass clown’s head.
He still can not cope with anybody disagreeing with him, any who see through his fraud. It irks him to no end and that pleases me mightily.

And they accuse President Trump of being, “thin skinned” Can you just imagine if Obama were subjected to a single day in Trump’s shoes? My God he’d need to be sedated.

Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

Clinically delusional. “What a fool believes, he sees.” Could be the Doobie brothers commenting on their doobie loving bro.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

What an arrogant blowhard full of deceit and outright lies about accomplishments he did not do at all. He wanted to do away with fossil fuels.