Obama might interfere in the election to squash Bernie


Former President Barack Obama is growing anxious over the strength of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic nomination, according to Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino. Gasparino explained on Tucker’s show Thursday and he tweeted about it.


Gasparino told Tucker on Thursday that friends and associates of Barack Obama have said the electability of the self-avowed “democratic socialist” worries him.

“[It’s] simply this: President Obama believes that Bernie Sanders is both unelectable in the general election and he is a bridge too far,” Gasparino told host Tucker Carlson. “If you think about it, President Obama was a very progressive president, but he did put together a coalition of blue-collar whites, African-Americans [and] women.”

“He continued the Bush bailouts. He did not socialize medicine,” added Gasparino, who said that some in the “Sanders wing” of the party considered Obama to be insufficiently left-wing.

Gasparino said the people he has spoken to have themselves spoken directly with Obama.

“They are Democrats. They are people that work on Wall Street. They are much more moderate than, you would say, a Bernie Sanders supporter.”

Gasparino that Obama basically said, “Whoa, we have a candidate who is literally saying we should give away free stuff [and] he’s not telling us how to pay for it.”

There are reports now that Obama might speak out and interfere in the election.


This is all odd since the other candidates are just about as far-left. The only reason Obama didn’t go further might be that he would have started a revolution. He’s a leftist who loves incrementalism.

“President Obama might not come out and do anything. I just want to make that clear,” Gasparino said, covering himself.

To some of us, it seems Obama is more concerned about electability. Warren is to the left of Bernie on many issues but she is probably more electable in a general election if she stops lying for a few months. Fox News’ Chris Wallace, a far-left host, is pushing Pete Buttigieg, who is very far-left except for his public option to Obamacare which is a Trojan Horse. Joe Biden’s is extremely far-left as well with his open borders and healthcare for anyone who is in the country.

The national polls have Biden leading, but Bernie is leading in Iowa and picking up steam.

If Bernie wants to win, he will have to get nasty.

Watch the Gasparino-Tucker exchange:

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