Obama Praises Biden for Israel’s “Clear, Realistic, Just” Plan – Update and Correction


Update: The plan that Biden took credit for enacting but claimed it was Israel’s plan was never Israel’s plan.

As Breitbart News reported, Biden presented a three-part proposal on Friday and claimed four times that it was Israel’s proposal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued two separate statements indicating that Biden’s proposal was not, in fact, Israel’s proposal. Former President Barack Obama let slip that the proposal was actually Biden’s and not Israel’s proposal.

The lying out of the Biden administration is nonstop. It’s just more of him trying to push Netanyahu into accepting the deal. Netanyahu has accepted an invitation to speak to the US Congress, which should be enlightening.

No one thinks it’s Biden’s plan, either.

Original Story

As the Sabbath ended, two of the right-wing parties in Netanyahu’s coalition blasted the deal and said they would not be part of any government that allowed Hamas to survive the war, nor agree to a deal that would do the same.

It was a confirmation that the so-called Israeli “proposal” had not, in fact, been proposed by the Israeli government at all.

President Joe Biden announced a new Israeli proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza, urging Hamas to agree to the deal. The proposal includes a full ceasefire, withdrawal of Israeli forces, release of hostages, and a surge of humanitarian aid. Biden emphasized the importance of Hamas accepting the offer to end the war and begin the process of rebuilding Gaza.

He’s getting credit for it, but they said it’s Israel’s plan. When it goes south, it will be Bibi’s plan. It looks like it almost exactly matches the previous plan, with Israel the only one conceding, but I don’t have all the details.

Barack Obama praised low-IQ Joe for this “clear, realistic, just” plan, suggesting Uncle Joe had something to do with it.

The plan, in part, as described by the BBC:

The three-part proposal would begin with a six-week ceasefire in which the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would withdraw from populated areas of Gaza.

There would also be a “surge” of humanitarian aid, as well as an exchange of some hostages for Palestinian prisoners.

The deal would eventually lead to a permanent “cessation of hostilities” and a major reconstruction plan for Gaza.

Hamas said it views the proposal “positively.”


Speaking at the White House on Friday, Mr. Biden said that the first phase of the proposed plan would include a “full and complete ceasefire,” the withdrawal of IDF forces from populated areas, and the exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners.

“This is truly a decisive moment,” he said. “Hamas says it wants a ceasefire. This deal is an opportunity to prove whether they really mean it.”

He added that the ceasefire would allow more humanitarian aid to reach the beleaguered territory, with “600 trucks carrying aid into Gaza every single day.”

The second phase would see all remaining living hostages returned, including male soldiers. The ceasefire would then become “the cessation of hostilities, permanently.

Among those who have urged Hamas to agree to the proposal was UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron, who said on X that the group “must accept this deal so we can see a stop in the fighting.”

“We’ve long argued a stop in the fighting can be turned into a permanent peace if we are all prepared to take the right steps,” Mr Cameron added. “Let’s seize this moment and bring this conflict to an end.”

In his speech, Mr Biden acknowledged that negotiations between phases one and two would be difficult.

Netanyahu Did Not Agree to the Plan

As recently as a few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was letting it be known that he was implacably opposed to agreeing to end the war as part of a ceasefire deal – making Mr Biden’s reference to the war’s end particularly significant.

While the plan includes many of the details from previous, ultimately failed rounds of talks, the US calls for a permanent ceasefire appear to be a significant concession designed to try and draw Hamas back to negotiations on terms they have already said they would agree to. A permanent ceasefire has been one of the group’s key demands.

The third phase of the proposal would see the final remains of any deceased Israeli hostages returned, as well as a “major reconstruction plan” with US and international assistance to rebuild homes, schools, and hospitals.

So, the US is going to pay for that, too??? Oh, why not? We owe so much money any way!

The war does need to end. Israel lost the PR war.

Israel never agreed to a permanent ceasefire.

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