NBA’s Harrell calls Doncic a “b___ch a$$ white boy”


Most of the NBA is now kneeling to the violent, Marxist movement, Black Lives Matter. They’re bowing to the movement, not the slogan. They kneel during the anthem to let you know what they think of the USA, no matter what they tell you. If that wasn’t the case, they’d kneel at some other time.

There are BLM-related slogans on their shirts and lettering on their courts. They claim they are fighting racism and police brutality. Yet, they are allowed to act like racists and support Maoists in China.

Montrezl Harrell called Luka Doncic “a bitch ass white boy” during the Dallas Mavericks-LA Clippers game on Saturday night. Gary Sheffield Jr called for his suspension on Outkick. Jay Williams also called out Harrell.

Williams, a retired NBA star, blasted him:

“I am no lip-reader, but damn Trez. Damn Montrezl,” Williams said in a video he posted to Twitter Sunday. “I can only imagine if Luka Doncic had said something like that to you and it got caught on tape. I can only imagine during Black Lives Matter how much of a big deal that would have been, considering today’s climate and state. It would’ve been a massive story, and Luka would’ve lost all credibility in this space. Everybody would’ve been commenting on it. People would’ve asked LeBron (James) about it. People would’ve asked Kawhi (Leonard) about it. Everyone would’ve had some kind of statement about it.

“But it’s not that big of a story, because Trez said it to a caucasian person. It should be a big story, because that’s not acceptable man. Look, I’m a hooper. I talk trash. I cuss people out. We can get into the nuances of whether that’s right or wrong, too, but what you said, involving race into it. And I’ve heard that being said in basketball scenarios and playing hoops in the inner cities. I still didn’t find it acceptable then. I don’t find it acceptable now, especially when cameras are on you 24/7. Get lost in your battle, man. But don’t get lost in saying things like that.”

If the situation were in the reverse, Luka would have been suspended.

Racism against whites is A-OK with the Chinese Communist Party-supporting NBA:

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