Obama wants AOC to have more airtime but don’t use the word ‘socialism’


During an interview with Vanity Fair contributor Peter Hamby, former President Barack Obama bemoaned communistic Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) not getting enough airtime.

There is no question that O-Cortez is a communist, and Obama knows that. They can hide behind words like “Democrat, Democrat Socialist, liberal,” but they are authoritarians.

He was disappointed that the appealing little commie, our own little Eva Perone, didn’t get more time to speak at the DNC.  She appeals to the youth and she’s spreading the word of the hard-left, and he likes that.

“The Democratic National Convention I thought was really successful considering the pandemic, and really used technology wisely,” Obama claimed.

“But, you know, the fact that an AOC only got, what, three minutes or five minutes? When she speaks to a broad section of young people who are interested in what she has to say, even if they don’t agree with everything she says?” he added.

“You give her a platform, just like there may be some other young Democrats who come from more conservative areas who have a different point of view,” Obama continued. “New blood is always good. And I say that as somebody who used to be the young, shiny cool guy. But now is the gray-haired old grizzled vet.”

New blood? It’s old communism sold by an attractive, stupid young woman.

He also explained why some Democrats were moving away from the word ‘socialism.’

“Socialism is still a loaded term for a lot of folks,” Obama said. “Once again, instead of talking labels and ideology, we should focus on talking about getting certain things done.”

He isn’t against socialism/communism, but he does want to make it more anonymous semantically.

O-Cortez wants to use the word. She is proud to be a socialist/communist and wants to be honest about it. We give her credit for that.

“The thing that critics of activists don’t get is that they tried playing the ‘polite language’ policy game and all it did was make them easier to ignore,” she said in a tweet.

“It wasn’t until they made folks uncomfortable that there was traction to do ANYTHING even if it wasn’t their full demands,” she added.

She did get the communists and anarchists fired up.

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