This outrageous State Rep shows you where Dems are on voter fraud


Detroit Rep. Cynthia A Johnson behaved like a troll during the voter fraud hearings with Team Trump and the Michigan House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

She gives a whole new meaning to the word, ‘arrogant.’

One question she asked of Rudy Giuliani was if he thinks “both you and the President are honest men.”

Johnson said the witness was lying. “And I know they’re lying,” she said, WITHOUT PRESENTING ANY EVIDENCE.

At about 1:44 on the clip, Johnson mocked the witness. Later, on her Twitter page, Johnson retweeted some random woman tweeted that the witness was drunk, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.

We have written about her before. She is very hard-left, and she’s nasty much of the time. The angry rep wants a Truth and Reconciliation Committee. We have written about that too. There is no reconciliation in it as the label implies. It’s a committee to investigate President Trump and all of his staff with the possibility of prosecution. It’s political revenge they are after.

Democrats are planning to investigate without a crime. That is Stalinism.

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