Uh oh, another Cuomo bombshell on how he prioritized family & friends


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker directed health officials to prioritize the governor’s own family and figures with ties to his administration in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report Wednesday.

Family members who got priority were his brother CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, his mother [she’s elderly though], and at least one of his sisters, the Albany Times-Union reported.

Some family members reportedly received multiple tests. Chris Cuomo was reportedly tested at his home on Long Island. One source told the Times-Union that tests administered to Cuomo’s family members or associates were referred to as “critical samples” and processed ahead of others.

They sent a state trooper out to the Hamptons for five hours. Did they do the entire neighborhood?

Well-known figures who received tests in the early days of the pandemic included Rick Cotton, the executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and his wife; and Patrick Foye, head of New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authorities, and his wife. Some unnamed media members and state legislators were also tested.

Cuomo officials denied it – unsurprisingly.

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