Obama’s former campaign manager sends a warning about Bernie


Former President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, has a warning for Democrats hoping to beat President Donald Trump in 2020 — don’t nominate Sen. Bernie Sanders [Communist-VT].

Bernie is a registered Independent, not a Democrat, but he’s no further left than Elizabeth Warren. He runs as a Democrat, switches to the Democrat Party when he’s running, then leaves and goes back to being an Independent. It ruffles the Democrat feathers.

Messina told Politico during an interview that Donald Trump would exploit Bernie’s socialism in battleground states. They want to keep the House and win the Senate, but they need those states.

There likely isn’t a problem with Bernie’s ideology, just how open he is about it. It’s probably best that a socialist win the primary so we no longer have to pretend Democrats aren’t socialists.


“If I were a campaign manager for Donald Trump and I look at the field, I would very much want to run against Bernie Sanders,” Messina said. “I think the contrast is the best. He can say, ‘I’m a business guy, the economy’s good and this guy’s a socialist.’ I think that contrast for Trump is likely one that he’d be excited about in a way that he wouldn’t be as excited about Biden or potentially Mayor Pete or some of the more Midwestern moderate candidates.”

“From a general election perspective, socialism is not going to be what Democrats are going to want to defend,” Messina added.“If you’re the Democratic nominee for the Montana Senate race, you don’t want to spend the election talking about socialism.”

Warren is to the left of Bernie on many issues but would lie and pretend she’s more to the middle during the general, should she win the primary.

Biden will also lie. He will say anything.

Endangered Democrats are coalescing around Biden because they are afraid Sanders or Warren would sink their ships.

Bernie says he’s electable just like Barack Obama, despite all the negative reports in 2008 saying Obama couldn’t win.

A second senior member of Obama’s campaign team, who asked not to be identified, sounded a similar warning, arguing Sanders would not be able to help Democrats in states like Arizona and North Carolina if they’re to defeat Trump.

Bernie is a crazy old red diaper baby and he would destroy the United States.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Bernie is up front about his Socialistic intentions, the others try to conceal their Marxism.

John Kelly
John Kelly
3 years ago

You are absolutely correct.