Obama’s Guy Condemns GOP Who Don’t Want a War with Russia


Barack Obama’s creative speechwriter, Ben Rhodes, wants a war with Russia to protect the sovereignty of a corrupt nation while our borders are wide open. He wants to send Americans into a war that we have no interest in to support the desires of globalists and the deep state. We are deeply in debt and we’re going to start a war with Russia that is now in bed with China and Iran, an alliance we helped create.

Democracy is not a big thing in Ukraine. The Right isn’t on either side. The only thing we’d protect in a war over Ukraine is the Biden family’s business assets in Ukraine. We’re barely surviving ourselves and do not want to pay for any more useless wars we won’t win.

Biden needs a war to keep Democrats in power. Americans will be told they can’t change administrations in the middle of a war.

Rhodes is the man who mockingly admitted he lied to convince Americans the agreement with Iran was a good idea.


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