Obama’s holding a super spreader event in Massachusetts


Barack Obama is holding a 60th birthday party for himself with just under 500 people. Pearl Jam will play and Steven Spielberg will be in attendance. There will also be 200 servants.

He’s holding the bash in Massachusetts where there is a COV surge – in Provincetown.

Somehow the Marxist former president, and probably current president, isn’t underwater yet despite his $12 million mansion nestled on the waterfront.



  1. Pearl Jam? Their discography is in the dollar bin at the local hippie dippie book/record shop collecting dust.
    Comrade kommissar Spielberg has come a long way from Indiana Jones and Saving Private Ryan.
    Regarding the Provincetown, read an article yesterday saying the big three letter word missing from the spread is gay (sexist!) and Dr. Frauci has a miserable track record regarding the AIDS epidemic which departed a beloved uncle back in the 1980’s, he saw right through Frauci even back then.

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