Oddball CBC Host Suggests Russians Fuel the Freedom Truckers Protest


The CBC is just as corrupt as US media. We can prove it right here in this piece.

Justin Trudeau is in hiding while the truckers are in Ottawa, and at the same time, a CBC host suggests Russians are behind the Freedom Trucker protest.

This is too absurd for words, but a CBC reporter actually asks, “…given Canada’s support of Ukraine… I don’t know if it’s far-fetched to ask but there is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this protest grows… perhaps even instigating it…”

This reporter is ridiculous and doesn’t think much of the intelligence of her viewers.

Via TradeforProfit.net:

As Brian Lilley writes at The Toronto Sun, “the media in this country is not acting as a neutral observer and conduit for news on this matter, most have decided the trucker convoy is the enemy and are treating it as such. Watch any of the news networks or, more importantly, read the Twitter accounts of supposedly objective journalists, or listen to the contempt in their voices as they ask questions to see that they have clearly taken sides.”

“Apparently, the journalists on Parliament Hill these days think their job is to hold the opposition and not the government to account. It also appears their job to support some protest movements and attack others based on the personal preferences of the journalists.”

It’s just like the US. The media just parrots the government.

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