Officer Forced to Remain Outside As He Spoke With His Dying Wife


As a massacre unfolded inside an elementary school last week, a would-be negotiator deployed in a funeral home across the street tried frantically to reach the gunman via cellphone, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said Wednesday. The Mayor said he did not hear gunshots and did not know children were calling 911. He also didn’t think the negotiator was aware of the calls. The killer never picked up the phone to speak with the negotiator.



In the final moments of her life, Eva Mireles, a teacher at Robb Elementary School, was on the phone with her husband, Ruben Ruiz, a school district police officer, the senior county official said on Wednesday, The New York Times reports. They spoke as she was dying.

It wasn’t a barricade situation with wounded people inside. It wasn’t only the teacher – children were alive calling 911.

It’s Terrifying

The husband and wife spoke for the last time from opposite sides of the school walls. She was with her fourth-grade students in a pair of adjoining classrooms taken over by a gunman talking with her husband on the other side of the wall, according to The Times.

“She’s in the classroom and he’s outside. It’s terrifying,” the Uvalde County judge, Bill Mitchell, said on Wednesday after being briefed by sheriff’s deputies who were at the shooting that left 19 students and two teachers dead.

Her aunt, Lydia Martinez Delgado said she was shot and killed trying to protect her students.

Her husband, Officer Ruiz, who had rushed to the scene, was prevented by other police officers from going inside. “He could not go into the classroom where all the shooting victims were at,” Ms. Martinez Delgado said in an interview last week.

It was not clear when the two spoke or for how long during the 78 minutes that elapsed between the first calls that came into 911 of a gunman at the school and the moment when a tactical team from the Border Patrol stormed into the room and killed him.

Mr. Mitchell, the county judge, said deputy sheriffs who had been at the school recounted the call.

“I don’t know what was said,” Mr. Mitchell said, though the gist of it appeared to be, he said, that the gunman was already on the attack. “He’s outside hearing his wife: ‘I’m dying,’” he said, before cautioning that he did not know precisely what words were exchanged.

Mr. Mitchell said he did not know if the school district officer had told the chief of his six-member department, Pete Arredondo, about the call.


We shared this video when CNN posted it on May 31st. It shows that police knew a child was alive in the classroom. The child was shot and needed help.

Combined with the teacher’s call, it’s damning as are other 911 calls made by children still alive in the classroom. There were wounded who needed help. That too is not a barricade situation.

Children Were Alive With the Gunman and Victims

ABC News released an additional video on Monday, which includes audio of 911 calls, in which officers are informed that children are calling in to say they are in a room with victims:

“Room 12, are we able to .. is anybody inside of the building … 2-1, a child is advising he is in the room. Full of victims. Full of victims at this moment,” the dispatcher is heard telling officers.

  • The killer had a connection to Robb Elementary through his grandmother, whom he shot in the face at home minutes before bursting into the school She had been employed at the school in the past.
  • The two officers who first approached the classrooms and were struck by bullets that were fired through the locked door were senior members of the Uvalde Police Department, a lieutenant, and a sergeant, officials said.
  • And a door to the school, through which the gunman, Salvador Ramos, entered, had been closed, but not locked as it should have been — a crucial amendment to the official narrative outlined to reporters, grieving Uvalde families, and viewers of broadcasts carried live around the nation from the usually quiet ranching city about 80 miles west of San Antonio.  The gunman did not enter through a door that was being propped open. Instead, the closed door had not been locked. “After examining video evidence we were able to conclude that after propping the door open with a rock, the teacher ran back inside when she saw the shooter and removed the rock and the door shut,” Mr. Considine said. “Investigators are now looking at why the door did not lock properly when it was shut.”

Don McLaughlin, the mayor of Uvalde and a staunch conservative, requested a Justice Department investigation over the weekend. He led a statewide law enforcement union to issue a statement supporting that inquiry. McLaughlin said that “sources that Texans once saw as ironclad and completely reliable have now been proven false.” The union spokesperson said he was referring to the governor and the head of the state police. McLaughlin and Abbott have had disagreements over the border in the past.

The Governor said he was misled. Mayor McLaughlin said the police did NOT mislead anyone.

Unfortunately, the Justice Department is not trustworthy. They serve as Biden’s henchmen.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Oh I see now, the latest excuse is that it is the door’s fault. I don’t believe a word these people say, they demonstrate poor credibility and no regard for duty.

Look at the mayor, anxious to get the DOJ involved and seal all the evidence away. He has a feud with the governor over the lies he told. Allying with the feds is a sure sign of a coverup.

The feds will claim the same old theme that a gun did it and officials acted OK.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Prisoner
1 year ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Why do I feel like there is a big cover up going on here?

1 year ago

THe screw ups related to this shooting almost makes it look like the Massacre was planned. There’s a lot more to this than just a troubled kid and the “Government” and the Media are covering something up.