Kellyanne Conway will leave her WH post this month, George quits too


Kellyanne Conway will leave her post in the White House and George Conway will leave the Lincoln Project to focus on their family.

Earlier today, we reported about the wildly inappropriate behavior by their 15-year-old daughter Claudia who claims the family was ruined by her mother’s job. Claudia sees AOC as an idol.

Kellyanne Conway, the counselor to the president and one of the longest-serving employees of the Trump White House, will leave her position this month to focus on her family, she tweeting late Sunday.

Mrs. Conway also posted late Sunday that her husband George, a Trump hater, will also leave The Lincoln Project.

She wrote, “We disagree about plenty but we are united on what matters most: the kids,” she said in a statement. “Our four children are teens and tweens starting a new academic year, in middle school and high school, remotely from home for at least a few months.”

The counselor said the decision to exit the White House right before the election was “completely” her choice. She said there will be less “drama, more mama.”

Conway has been a wonderful, effective voice for the President.

“For all of its political differences and cultural cleavages, this is a beautiful country filled with amazing people,” she said. “The promise of America belongs to us all.”

The insolent child got what she wanted. Hopefully, she will appreciate it.

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