Officer Tatum explains who is at fault in the Daunte Wright shooting


Officer Tatum again gives a brilliant analysis of the Daunte Wright shooting by a female officer who thought she was shooting a taser but used her Glock instead. Should she go to prison? Officer Tatum shares his thoughts.


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2 years ago

Officer Tatum, they resist arrest because they don’t want to go to jail. They get pulled over because they do stupid things.

More bad police procedure. It’s a busy street. The driver should have been taken all the way to the back of the car with his hands on the trunk right from the beginging. You had 3 officers. The women should have moved to the car door when the guy was taken to the rear of the car. Then there is then no longer an avenue of escape using the car.

So when the situation went South why does she shoot him. She had a piece of paper in left hand, the side the Taser was on. Basically, she was distracted. Natural response; draw the weapon accessible with your free hand. When adrenaline takes over all logic goes out the window. When she pulled the trigger she taught she was holding a taser. It takes an incredible amount of training to overcome an adrenaline rush. This is why SEAL Teams constantly practice with live ammunition. This is also why police are so poorly trained. They don’t even practice that often on a range much less Hogan’s Alley. Hogan’s Alley is used by the FBI for realistic training. A street cop should spend an afternoon on a Hogan’s Alley at least twice a year. The Officer who shot Daunte Wright had been on the force 26 years and appears to have the street skills of a desk jockey.

Why do people like Daunte Wright think they can get away with resisting arrest, the Social Justice Warriors tell them they can. When I grew up Westerns were big. The Sheriff told you that you were under arrest and if you resisted, there was a gun fight; the bad guy was dead on the floor. My generation didn’t resist arrest. But then the sheriff only had a gun and knew how to use one, so we figured all cops were that good with a gun Get rid of non-lethal weapons, kill the bad guy on the spot. It’s much more simple, but then lawyers would have much less litigation with fewer clients to be repeat offenders.

The Officer shouldn’t go to jail. but she should never work in Law Enforcement or security again. Officer Tatum does make a good point here. Affirmative action quotas are a really bad thing!

2 years ago

Couldn’t have said it better.