Officer Tatum explains why enslaved Cori Bush is “an absolute lunatic”


Officer Tatum explains why Cori Bush is “an absolute lunatic.”  He quoted her recent tweet as he described why she is dangerous to America. Cori is one of the dangerous people, he says.

Bush tweeted: When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for white people. This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free.

He pointed out that she made a racist statement while sitting in Congress, wearing diamonds, making $175 thousand a year. Tatum said, Bush claims the land is stolen, she’s not free and she’s oppressed while making $175,000 a year off of stolen land.

Black people are falling all over people like her while she’s destroying black people. He calls Bush and people like her “disrespectful” and hateful. He includes people like Pelosi too, of course.

Officer Tatum explains that this land was conquered, not stolen. It’s the way of the world. He calls black people out who have “become the most racist people in history.”

These people [commies like Cori] are ‘shells of people.’  Making this stuff up “out of her rear end” without any evidence. Tatum believes that she’s going through life as “a disingenuous human.” She’s living a “flat lie,” and it is “narcissistic” and “so destructive to humanity,”

These people who destroy the humanity of America on lies should go to Hell. He sees them as the enemy of God and of the people since their whole existence is living to spread lies.

Officer Tatum says even when they find out things went wrong in the election, no one will do anything. The fact that Hillary is not in prison and didn’t even lose her security clearance proves there is no justice. Hunter Biden can do what he did and not be in prison.

The president running our country is a “dementia patient,” he said and “it’s over.” The country can’t be saved. This country believes a dementia patient got 81 million votes.

He said, not only did 2020 happen, we let it happen. People are still shutting down their businesses and wearing masks.

Tatum believes Donald Trump was our last chance and we were too soft. Now, the Left will cram it down our throats, and as a country, “we aren’t going to do a thing about it.”

China owns everything here.


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