Ohio Dems scream, pound on desks, make animal sounds to drown out the speaker


Disgraceful behavior from Rep. Michael Skindell at the Ohio House yesterday as Rep. Jena Powell tried to speak. Rep. Powell was trying to protect women’s sports when Democrats started pounding on desks, interrupting her, looking and sounding like they were losing their minds.

Ohio lawmaker Powell was attempting to introduce an amendment to an Ohio bill to protect women athletes when the pounding and screaming began.

She proposed the “Save Women’s Sports Act” in February and wanted to add an amendment to protect biological female athletes from being forced to compete against biological males.

Rep. Powell began by noting that female athletes are currently “losing scholarships, opportunities, medals, education, and training opportunities.” Democrats then pounded, screamed, and made strange animal noises at her to drown her out.

What bizarre, immature buffoons. Who voted for these people? This is a third-world performance like you might see in Somalia.


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