Ohr Names Officials Who Knew About the Dossier Including Some Bad Dudes


Sources familiar with Ohr’s testimony before the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Ohr informed Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page about his interactions with Steele and Simpson.

There is one person in particular who he told about the dossier that should have us very concerned. Ohr kept Justice Department prosecutor Andrew Weissmann informed about his dossier-related work.


Weissman is an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton’s. Clinton gave him one of the coveted invitations to her victory party. Weissmann also praised Sally Yates for refusing to follow the President’s direct orders.

Andrew Weissmann is Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s right-hand man.

Attorney Weissmann has been referred for corrupt legal practices and he conducted a fully corrupt witch hunt in the Arthur Anderson case.

Andrew Weissmann is the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct. With the stroke of a pen, he destroyed Arthur Anderson. He put innocent people in jail, former U.S. attorney Sydney Powell has said. He eradicated criminal intent when he instructed the jury, which led them into a very wrong decision in the case. The Supreme Court found unanimously against Weissmann’s prosecution in that case.

Innocent people were put in solitary confinement for over a year for doing nothing.

In a 2012 case, where Powell filed a complaint of prosecutorial misconduct for alleged witness threatening, withholding exculpatory evidence, and the use of “false and misleading summaries”, Obama’s OPR found no violations.

There were, however, over a dozen other cases where he was cited for prosecutorial misconduct.


Ohr said he was demoted for not telling his superior Deputy AG Sally Yates and other top officials about his dossier interactions.

Weissmann’s contact with Ohr about the dossier is significant. The reason is the mutual interest that Weissmann and Fusion’s Simpson had in former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, has told Congress that Fusion GPS investigated Manafort’s links to Russian oligarchs. This was as part of its anti-Trump project.

“A lot of what we were talking to the media about were things in the public record, specifically Carter Page, Paul Manafort had resigned over allegations of illicit relationships with Russian oligarchs and Ukrainian oligarchs,” Simpson told the Senate Judiciary Committee during an Aug. 22, 2017 interview.

“So there was, you know, a lot of open source public information pointing towards the possibility that the Russians had infiltrated the Trump campaign,” he added. “So we spoke broadly to reporters and encouraged them to look into this.”

As chief of the Justice Department’s criminal fraud division, Weissmann was investigating Manafort even before the special counsel’s team was formed.

Weissmann is the lead prosecutor in two cases against Manafort. And he was in contact with reporters including the Associated Press.

Ohr’s Russia expert wife went to work for Fusion GPS. Ohr did not disclose his wife’s Fusion income as required under agency rules.

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