Oil from Iran Lowers Gas Prices But Upping US Supply Won’t Help


In one breath, the Biden administration argues we need to buy oil from Venezuela, Iran, and OPEC in order to lower prices. But in the next breath, they argue that increasing American supply won’t lower prices.

Fox News’s White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently, “Is it possible that Joe Biden will ever say you guys can go ahead with construction of the Keystone XL pipeline?”

Psaki responded, “There’s no plans for that and it would not address any of the problems we’re having currently.”

It would deliver the fuel cheaper and faster than other means, but the fact that oil drilling is being shut down is an even worse problem.

Shutting down fossil fuels at the expense of the poor and the middle class was always the plan as Joe Biden and his administration have said all along. And 81 million people voted for this. It was all in the Biden-Sanders plan pre-election and it’s on video after video.

In this clip at about 1:20, our energy secretary sings about evaporating gasoline:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

It is not close, the use of solar cannot, and will not satisfy our increasing electrical needs. It is not financially or technically feasible.

Including natural gas with coal, the US generates over 60% of electricity from these fuels.

What is involved with the plans of the deranged globalist leftists, which is rarely mentioned, is that their plans must include drastic reductions in the standard of living, negative growth, and depopulation.

We have no technical/engineering people in leadership. Some of them know how to reason.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

They want to be able to turn off our cars too.

1 year ago

I’ve been thinking about this Green Energy Insanity. What would it take for me to go completely off the Grid out here in Rural Mississippi? After all, I have some land. How much would I have to dedicate to a Solar Farm? I crunched some numbers.

Just to power the Cottage, I would have to dedicate a 1/4 acre of land to solar power. To power all the farm / ranch operations, I would need another 1/2 acre of land dedicated. When you add up the cost of installation, maintenance, battery replacement, solar panel replacement, etc. You are looking at as much as a 50 year break even cost.

Now lets say we look at this in a city with population density of say 2,000 people per square mile and we include their place of business too. You would have to set aside 1.25 square miles of land to have a solar farm big enough to support their Electrical Needs, Then we ad Electric Cars Now you’re over 2 square miles, and that is for a relatively low density big city. Scale that up to places in NYC with a density of 60,000 per square mile in some places. Now we will need 60 square miles of land to support the energy needs of just 1 square mile of people in downtown NYC. The power density of “Green Energy” is simply to small to support a modern world and the cost is too prohibitive.

This is what happens when Ideology meets reality. Ideology that is contrary to the free market is usually irrational. Long term we should be investing in Nuclear Power and putting the effort we are now wasting on “Green Energy” into Nuclear Fusion Research. In the mean time, say the next 1 or 2 hundred years, we should be using fossil fuels and perfecting clean technologies for their use.

The little music clip is simply a fantasy. Electric cars are still powered by fossil fuels because that is where most of our electricity comes from. Air quality is far better than in the 1960s today. Modern gasoline cars are mostly recyclable, not so much with electric vehicles. The pollution impact of manufacturing an electric vehicle is far higher than that of a gasoline vehicle. The Modern Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle can be made even cleaner than today’s Electric Cars by modifying them to burn Hydrogen. The electric car craze is really little more than a fad and it’s not based in science. Liberals love to throw the word science around, but when a Liberal uses the word science it really means “This is what I feel.” The Electric Car is not cleaner, it just trades pollution at the tail pipe for more pollution at the smoke stack. With 20% of America’s Electricity produced by coal and over 40% of the World’s electricity coming from coal fired plants, that’s a lot of smoke stack pollution. The problem with Liberals is they have incredible tunnel vision and never see the big picture. Liberals for the most part are just educated (indoctrinated) idiots!

Sleaford SPECTRE Is Best
Sleaford SPECTRE Is Best
1 year ago

Saudi Arabia is rolling with the Russians.
Crazy Ivan who stomped the Third Reich into the dust is quite handy with the ART OF WAR.
They don’t have traitors at the helm serving SPECTRE and are out to win WWIII with the civilians along for the big WIN.
Venezuela and Iran are the Wakanda models, so no surprise there.
During the horrifying ICU visions be not afraid was a command and there was a happy ending featuring the King of kings.

1 year ago

The Oligarchs want to control the movements of everyone. If you can’t afford fuel you can’t go very far. You can’t have Truck Drivers from the West Coast afford to drive to Washington, DC to protest. Cutting down movements of the Peasants and tracking them by Smart Phones makes the Elitist and Oligarchs “feel” safer. The thing is people like me grew up before smart phones and GPS. We can do just fine with a Map and a Compass on Horse Back.