White House Press Secretary Claims Inflation Is Slowing Down


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during the presser Wednesday that the inflation numbers month-over-month and year-over-year are slowing down. Obviously, that’s provably false. She wants you to believe that as it goes up, it’s because of Russian President Putin.

Santelli explained that year-over-year, inflation is up and not going down – watch the clip.

Some economists are now predicting zero GDP growth and a possible recession. It is all being brought to you by the Biden regime.


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The Slime Oozes from the TV
The Slime Oozes from the TV
1 year ago

Inflation is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy?
I must be imagining all of those prices going up at the grocery and having to pack a drink and some trail mix snacks because the gas is eating up all the money.
The apparatchiks of the anointed managerial class won’t be feeling the pain of the comrades down in the slime of the unity collective.
Sacrifice and haircuts are for the little people so don’t forget to pour out your vodka.

She Was a Chummy Slapper
She Was a Chummy Slapper
1 year ago

Zelensky has nothing on the Brandon comedy team!
Decades of participation trophies and woke scold cry bullies isn’t ending well, just as elders predicted.
They lived through the Depression and WWII and are thankfully spared the abomination that is Chiquitastan.

1 year ago

Everyone with a brain knows by now that Jen Psaki lies about everything. I don’t even bother watching the White House press conferences anymore. They are just a waste of time. I bet their ratings are lower than CNN.