Okay, I’m Done, End Tolerance of Child Abusing Freaks of the Left


The movement to seduce children sexually at a young age is very real and clearly observable. No more excuses. It’s psychotic, and supporting this in the name of tolerance is as extreme as it gets. The Left is corrupting young children. They’re taking the innocence of childhood and destroying it. More than that, they want to mutilate their bodies and put them on powerful medications.

The psychos are the Leftists who push this. People with mental issues are easily manipulated. That is what the Left is doing.

Far more dangerous are the lawmakers and media.

Three days after the mass shooting, rabid transgender “rights” activists and gun control zealots stormed into the building and disrupted official proceedings. To make it worse, three woke members of the Tennessee House joined in on the “protests,” with one using a bullhorn on the House floor to chant “no action, no peace.”

Making matters worse was that certain “reporters” flattered them despite the video evidence of a “transurrection,” as Twitter called it.

This is driven by the Left, who are in power. Turn your attention to them.

As Kevin McCarthy said, “You have a Parent’s Bill of Rights, but unfortunately, the Democrats are too extreme to believe that parents should have a say in their kid’s education.”

The people who support this are not ordinary gay people.

Who in their right mind thinks this is okay:

Retweet this hellish and heartbreaking message from a tragic victim of tolerance:

Stop this disgusting behavior of psycho freaks towards children.

Trans refuge?

Minnesota lawmakers on Thursday advanced legislation that would establish the state as a “trans refuge” for children seeking transgender medical procedures but who may be denied “gender-affirming care” in other states.

Children are seeking this? Are people this stupid or naive?

Democrats support this mutilation of children and call it tolerance. Children can’t decide with proper reason to mutilate their bodies and their development. Parents shouldn’t.

Canadians are going nuts too! No more tolerance!

People are following a dead pedophile enabler’s agenda:

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
10 months ago

I am sorry for sounding like a broken record.

I know I have said this thousands of times before

but at least half the population have no idea that is going on, they get their news from CNN, NBC, ABC, the New York TImes, Washington Post etc etc

So when you tell them democrats, liberals, the left supports sick things they look at you as if you had two heads, as it was you who was brainwashed into believing things that are false.

I know intelligent, educated people with university degrees, some who had great carreers who get all their news from the MSM, and they tell me that conservatives have strange values, have strange ideas, have strange opinions and that conservatives believe in silly conspiracy theories

If I was to mention was is in this article, what is in the videos above, first of all they would say they have never heard of that, that it must be stuff invented by a crazy conspiracy theorist that is a right wing extremist.

I have two friends who are conservatives, and they have the same problem; their friends , family, neighbors have never ever heard of all the bad things the left supports and when they try to inform them, those people automatically dismiss it all as just silly stuff that is not real.

If they did not see it on the 6 o’ clock news, it did not happen.

I have been doing this for 20 years, and it is mind boggling how the MSM has complete control of the masses

The MSM is the biggest most efficient mind control machine this planet has ever seen.

The MSM is a brainwashing, gas lighting monster

The MSM is the enemy of truth,

the MSM is the enemy of the people.

John adams
John adams
10 months ago

They exist in a curated reality, and only pick the pieces of information or news that fits into the puzzle of their reality.

10 months ago

I can’t name one single man that would want to get with that. As a matter of fact I can’t name any men that would want to get with ANY trans – that alone shows their whole movement is a giant failure, the proof is normal men will never accept these freaks as women.

10 months ago

Not the first time the mental health community has used kids for their own perverse reasons.
Look up the sex abuse satanic hysteria ginned up by counselors and psychologist coaching kids to made false accusations against innocent people.
At the same time ,late 70s to early 80s psychologists planted false memories of abuse into their patients and then kept them paying by saying they could help them release these “repressed” memories. People went to jail over these false accusations. Some disowned parents for a crime they never committed.
And now these same greedy mental health scumbags are at it again, making money by planting the idea into vulnerable kids and even adults that they are in the wrong body and only they can help them. For a price.
Time to call them out for their crimes.

John adams
John adams
10 months ago


10 months ago

Meanwhile the actual abuse of children by Protestant youth leaders, pastors, priests and counsellors goes on without any scrutiny by the church at large.


Attend to the beam in your own eye first.