O’Keefe Responds to the Raid of Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes


The FBI and Southern District of New York raided the homes of current and former journalists for Project Veritas. The FBI requested Project Veritas to not reveal the facts of the subpoenas or the raids, however, within no time at all, the NY Times called for comment.

How did the NY Times get wind of a secret investigation? Was it deliberate? That has been the playbook such as the time Roger Stone’s home was raided in the wee hours of the morning and CNN reporters were standing outside filming.

In this raid, the FBI and SDNY seized journalists’ notebooks.

James O’Keefe responded and believes journalism is now under attack.

Project Veritas was offered a diary belonging to Ashley Biden but they could not confirm the authenticity and they gave the diary to law enforcement. They never published it. Now, Biden’s DoJ is investigating, claiming the diary was stolen.

Project Veritas never published the diary that allegedly contained sordid information about Joe.

Since when is a diary investigated by the DoJ? Is this the direction the USA is going? Taking journalists’ notebooks?

Mr. O’Keefe is putting himself in danger by revealing the facts. He is calling on journalists to stand with them so the “policy of fear will not stand in the United States of America.




  1. Democrats are turning the USA into something a bit too similar to Stalin s Russia or Hitler s Germany…

    we have similar problems in Canada under a liberal government, the police harass right wing journalists regularly here.

  2. Time to publish the diary. The FBI raids explicitily confirm the diary is authentic. The FBI would not be wasting its time on a fictional diary.

    • Excellent point! Project Veritas should replace the FBI. This was not about protecting National Security it was about protecting the Puppet – Traitor Joe. This was about a Corrupt Government protecting itself. The Deep State Bureaucracy was mortally wounded last Tuesday and will do anything to stay in power. The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Loser’s dream is falling apart. The World is rejecting Globalism and Communism.

  3. Remember when the FOX reporter was chased out of the White House by Obama’s goons? The attack on real journalism and journalists themselves began under Obama and now in Obama’s 3rd term Biden is keeping it up. Go figure.

  4. We have seen this before in America. It was the Wilson Administration. President Wilson had a stoke in 1919, but there may have been impairment before the Stoke incapacitating him. Woodrow Wilson was from the Academic Community and a radical Progressive who also had Journalist arrested. Many Journalist went to Canada for Political Asylum. President Wilson operated like a dictator.

    Traitor Joe has already had 2 stokes that we know of. He is clearly not fully functional; just a Puppet figurehead. His Mandates are clear dictatorial. It appears may of those polling his strings are from the Academic Community, including his wife. The Academic Community is America is very Communist and very radical. The Academic Community is very educated, but they clearly lack common sense.

    In 1921, Warren G. Harding succeeded Wilson as President. In just 2 years President Harding reduced the size (and power) of he Federal Government by 50%. Small Government, less regulation, lower taxes and protective tariffs created the Roaring 20’s. Harding died in late July of 1923. Harding’s death was to some suspicious. Harding had a heart condition and was pushed into a grueling schedule for a western US tour that he request be cut back. The trip began in June of 1923. He contracted Pneumonia in January 1923 and by all accounts hadn’t fully recovered and went to Alaska in early July. Penicillin wasn’t discovered yet. It is unclear if Harding knew about corruption in his Administration and was about to lower the hammer. Harding made a lot of enemies, especially with Unions, and the Democrats and press can after him as soon as he died.

    Wilson was preceded by Taft who was a Conservative and believe in protective tariffs. When Taft refused to support an Income Tax on Constitutional grounds, the Congress responded with the 13th Amendment. Roosevelt when radical Progressive and split from the Republican Party and ran as the Bull Moose Party ensured a Democrat Win in 1912. Theodore Roosevelt was more a Bull in a China Closet and the original RINO.

    It is interesting how Presidents who challenge the Status Quo in America are vilified and those who play along are exulted. This may be because the positive actions of a President don’t show results for 5 or 10 years. On the opposite side of the scale, negative actions can have immediate results. Hoover’s Agricultural Marketing Act of 1929 was probably the last nail in the coffin to bring on the Wall Street Collapse, though the Collapse was brought on more by the 1920’s Farm Crisis which the Federal Government never really addressed. Energy and Farming are the cornerstones of all economies. In the 1920’s, all the focus was on manufacturing and technology. Today we are neglecting both manufacturing and farming. The first act of Traitor Joe was the Destruction of Oil and Gas and we have Stagflation as the result. A Depression is a real possibility. If we avoid depression, the 2024 election will be very, very Conservative and will likely trigger the roaring 30’s in 2030 if Republicans remain in power. Democrats in power will ensure a Depression with Government practicing Communism to totally control the Media, and gas-lighting the People in order to steal elections to stay in power.

    History repeats itself when people don’t understand History. We haven’t taught history in America’s schools for 40 years and now risk repeating the bad parts of it. Democrats are trying to control the press and rewrite history for a reason.

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