O’Keefe Responds to the Raid of Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes


The FBI and Southern District of New York raided the homes of current and former journalists for Project Veritas. The FBI requested Project Veritas to not reveal the facts of the subpoenas or the raids, however, within no time at all, the NY Times called for comment.

How did the NY Times get wind of a secret investigation? Was it deliberate? That has been the playbook such as the time Roger Stone’s home was raided in the wee hours of the morning and CNN reporters were standing outside filming.

In this raid, the FBI and SDNY seized journalists’ notebooks.

James O’Keefe responded and believes journalism is now under attack.

Project Veritas was offered a diary belonging to Ashley Biden but they could not confirm the authenticity and they gave the diary to law enforcement. They never published it. Now, Biden’s DoJ is investigating, claiming the diary was stolen.

Project Veritas never published the diary that allegedly contained sordid information about Joe.

Since when is a diary investigated by the DoJ? Is this the direction the USA is going? Taking journalists’ notebooks?

Mr. O’Keefe is putting himself in danger by revealing the facts. He is calling on journalists to stand with them so the “policy of fear will not stand in the United States of America.


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