“We’re Very, Very Close…to Seeing Bodies Hanging from the Overpasses”


Transnational Gangs Set Up Illegal Operations in Southern Cali Using Migrants to Run Them

Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura put together a documentary on the border crisis called, Cartelville, USA, in which he exposed the cartel operations (transnational crime syndicates) in Southern California.

Crime is rising since cartel operations exploded in Los Angeles County. The crimes are connected to human trafficking as the cartels smuggle migrants across the border into Southern Califonia to work their operations.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department served more than 200 locations with search warrants. CBS News reported that almost 375,000 marijuana plants and 33,480 pounds of harvested marijuana were seized in the drug bust, along with 65 vehicles, 180 animals, and $28,000.

Between our open borders and the Democrat movement to defund the police, cartels have the advantage. Joe Biden is in bed with transnational criminals. In the first clip below, Jorge interviewed the police chief of a border town in Arizona about the drug cartels and the migrant crisis.

Police Chief of San Luis Richard Jessup told the Daily Caller that in the last two years, fentanyl smuggled into San Luis, Arizona, has increased by “500% percent.”


Five Mexican National Guard, four men, and one woman were seriously injured in these clashes. These nasty, violent people coming our way are our new Americans. But, unfortunately, they are the people who Biden prefers to US citizens.

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