Old Chuck claims young, brilliant mom Judge Barrett will set women back


Near-septuagenarian Senator Schumer is attacking Judge Amy Coney Barrett, falsely claiming she will set women back.

”Should Amy Coney Barrett be confirmed, a far-right majority on the court could also turn back the clock women’s rights” said the aged senator.

He added on Twitter, “Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish was that she not be replaced until a new president is installed. Republicans are poised to not only ignore her wishes but to replace her with someone who could tear down everything that she built.”

That is irrelevant if it’s even true, which we doubt. In any case, her seat belongs to the people, not the late Justice. Elections have consequences to quote his idol Barack Obama.

This nearly-70 dinosaur is afraid a young mother with a brilliant legal mind, and impeccable record, admired by both sides of the bench is going to set the clock back on women’s rights.

What does he know about women’s rights? He is the past — a has been.

Judge Barrett will make decisions based on our rule of law, not on political whims.

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