O’Leary Addresses New York, Soon-To-Be Fly Over Loser State


The CNN host in the clip below tried to make the civil fraud trial decision against Donald Trump palatable to entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary. He doesn’t particularly like Donald Trump but, as he said, it’s not about Donald Trump.

o’Leary said that this will have a global effect. Charlie Gasparino said on Fox News that businesses that haven’t left are talking about getting out of New York.

The host’s weak argument is that the attorney general is trying to make it fair for everyone by leveling the playing field.

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O’Leary responded clearly for her. Her attempts to make the decision reasonable will not fly. Everyone realizes this is a bad lawsuit.

“Well, I ask you,” O’Leary said, “who lost money? And I’ll make it even clearer. You and I were developing a data center together, and I said we can go to New York, where this just happened. It’s your money now. You’re now an investor, and you’re taking risk or not with me, or I can show you Oklahoma, North Dakota, West Virginia, where the governor actually ran businesses. Let’s go there. Where this never happened before. They have power; they have permits; they’ve got legislation that’s supportive of entrepreneurship Why would we go to New York? Why the risk?

“My only point is, did we just diminish the great state of New York and the great people of New York, and shouldn’t they ask for better management so they don’t become a flyover state? Remember, New York has the highest taxes in the country, the worst regulatory environment, and it’s incredibly mismanaged, I’m pointing out now, and on top of that this insanity.

“A victimless crime, and forget about Trump; it’s not about Trump. I don’t care about Trump in this. I care about America, and I care about entrepreneurship, and I care about democracy and the fairness. The judicial system is now being criticized. People are asking themselves, the bar of New York, is this judge rational to charge $355 million in a case where no one lost any money?

“Is that good for the people of New York? Should the people of New York wake up to this and say, ‘What’s happening to us? Why is this becoming so perverse? Why are we the focus of this injustice?’  This is not about Trump. I’m not supporting Trump. I’m supporting entrepreneurship, and New York is slowly becoming the number one loser state in America.

“I’m sorry, but that’s what’s happening.”

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