VA Dems push an assault weapons ban, magazine confiscation


Virginia Democrats on Friday pushed a bill through the statehouse of delegates’ Public Safety Committee that would ban the sale of “assault weapons” and confiscate certain ammunition magazines.

They don’t care at all what the people want. Democrats are now the rulers of the people in Virginia. They are no longer afraid of the people.


HB961 is the worst of the bills advanced by the Democrats and Governor Northam so far.

It will outlaw new sales of some of the country’s most popular firearms, including the AR-15, and make it illegal to possess ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 12 rounds, even if they were previously legally purchased.

Friday’s vote was along party lines, with one Democrat abstaining.

Millions of Virginia gun owners will be affected.

“The watered-down version of HB961 approved by a VA House committee would still turn Virginia gun owners into felons for keeping possession of ammo mags over 12 rounds, and turns the right to own common rifles, mags, and suppressors into a privilege,” reported Cam Edwards with Bearing Arms.

It’s not only Virginia. Look at the titles of the articles just today at Bearing Arms:

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