Omar’s non-brother husband looks to divorce & won’t go to jail for her


According to a Daily Mail source, Ilhan Omar’s husband will file for divorce after the wife of Omar’s campaign adviser claimed in her divorce papers that Omar was the other woman.

Dr. Beth Mynett accused her husband Tim of cheating with Omar in recently-filed divorce papers. She said he left her in April for Omar and has no interest in working on their marriage.

Mynett, for his part, accused his wife – a high-flying doctor – of trying to “ruin his career.”

Omar’s husband, not her brother husband, Ahmed Hirsi – father of her three children – is reportedly reluctantly initiating the end of their marriage. She allegedly asked him to do it in March but he refused.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t filed already,” the source told a  New York Post reporter, about a “very confused” Hirsi.

The informant has known the couple for twenty years and claimed Omar wanted Hirsi to file the papers instead of herself when they split six months ago but he initially refused.

Hirsi, who has the children, has allegedly been staying with friends while Omar has moved into a luxury condo in downtown Minneapolis. Their Cedar-Riverside family home has been abandoned.

Omar denies it all.

According to Powerline’s sources, the following is true:
  • that he will not go to jail for Omar;
  • that while Omar did indeed marry her brother (Ahmed Elmi) for fraudulent purposes, Hirsi did not know at the time that she had married Elmi;
  • that Omar is threatening Hirsi he would be in trouble along with her if the truth were to come out;
  • that Omar has asked him to state publicly that all is well with their marriage even though it is completely done and finished; and
  • that in fact they are living apart and have been divorced under Islamic law (although they remain legally married).

“Having humiliated Ahmed Hirsi by her affair with Tim Mynett, Omar now wants Hirsi to perform public relations services for her to suppress the scandal. That is cold,” Powerline’s Scott Johnson says.

And, keep in mind that Hirsi has never spoken up to defend her. This could be the reason.

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