OMG Sues Maui Governor & Children Return to High School


Lahaina, after the fire, Wikimedia Commons

OMG undercover reporter James O’Keefe went to Lahaina, Maui to investigate the governor’s order to ban photography and reporting at the site of the fires.

O’Keefe revealed a shocking directive from Governor Josh Green. He prohibited photography on public land. Local law enforcement is enforcing this order, but even members of the Hawaii National Guard have criticized these actions.

O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) is taking action. They are suing Governor Josh Green for this blatant infringement on 1st Amendment rights. This isn’t merely about the freedom to take photos; it’s about the freedom of the press and the right to hold our leaders accountable, he wrote on the OMG website.

Reporter Nick Sortor is on the ground. He said, “the death toll for the fire on Maui has somehow DROPPED from 115 to 97, according to Maui County Officials.

“Originally, they had said the 115 deaths were CONFIRMED, and now apparently, they’re no longer confirmed.

“The “official” missing toll has fluctuated up and down by several hundred within the same day in the past….”

Some residents will be allowed to return to their property.

According to The Maui News, some residents, property owners, and business owners could be allowed to go back to their fire-damaged properties in Lahaina as soon as Sept. 25, Maui County officials announced Thursday afternoon.

Maui Emergency Management Agency Interim Director Darryl Oliveira said that the county was working to determine which fire-stricken zones in Lahaina are safe for reentry. Properties that will be open for reentry will be the ones that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has cleared of household hazardous materials. So far, 464 properties have been cleared, Oliveira said Thursday.

Officials are planning to announce Monday which zones will be opened for reentry. Oliveira said that property owners, residents, and businesses will be notified, and passes to enter the areas should be issued by Sept. 22 for reentry as early as Sept. 25.

Maui News also reported that today, September 15th, the high school reopened.

An estimated 500 Lahainaluna High School students reported Thursday to Kulanihako’i High for their first day of in-person instruction since the Aug. 8 wildfires forced the closure of their campus.

Lahainaluna students were welcomed by Kulanihako’i students and staff cheering and waving signs at the drop-off area on campus, according to the state Department of Education. The day started with an opening protocol to honor the partnership between the two schools and was followed by a rotating orientation for Lahainaluna students. Students got their schedules, received a campus tour, met with their homeroom teachers, and were offered in-kind gifts of snack bags and backpacks filled with school supplies and hygiene items. Staff also assisted students with new ID cards and distributed school uniforms.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

Hawaiians got themselves into this situation. They pride themselves into being natives and running things themselves, but they put leftists in charge. Leftists do not allow home rule. They now have a leftist northeastern jew as governor, and the first thing he did after the disaster was arrange discussions on the sale of the land.

Notice that the wall of secrecy around this disaster is similar to other disasters, such as Sandy Hook and Las Vegas? Right after the feds swoop down and take over, no information is released. Cover ups are not done for fun, they are done for a reason. They have that area sealed off with 3 layers of security.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago

Could it be the people trying to cover-up and take away rights are Democrats?