by Gennady Shkliarevsky

A small Christian school in Nashville, a disgruntled former pupil of this school who identifies him/her self as transgender, and six innocent humans were killed.

The assailant, who was killed by police, was Nashville resident Audrey Elizabeth Hale, officials said. However, Police Chief John Drake said Hale did “identify as transgender” during a press conference on March 27.

He added that Hale was a former student at the school but didn’t know when that occurred.

Does this horrible scene present a problem? You bet it does. And we need to solve it. Biden and the Democrats immediately had a knee-jerk and predictable reaction. Their solution is worse than even this horrible crime. Biden asks Congress to ban all guns. Unsurprisingly, the only goal this solution pursues is to score political points and, if implemented, gain domination over the American people. Biden and the Democrats are not bothered by the fact that their solution may end in a war that will take many more lives.

There is no doubt that this tragedy presents a problem and we, as a nation, have to look for a real solution. It would be wrong to go on a witch hunt and demonize all transgender people. We need a real solution, not patchwork; and we need to think hard to find it. We need to have a broad, open, and honest public discussion, not partisan sniping.

Our mainstream media fails us. It offers its pages only to “specialists” with degrees and honors who think themselves indispensable and who have failed this country so spectacularly. It relies on bureaucrats in Washington and blames the police.  Of course, we will discuss this problem in social networks, and this is useful and necessary. But it is not enough.

We need a kind of discussion that would reach the highest levels of power in this country: Congress, government, our educational establishment, and much more. We need new ideas, not the familiar cud diet. We will not solve the problem posed by the massacre in Nashville–or, for that matter, any other severe problem we currently face–without such broad, open, and honest discussion.


Gennady Shkliarevsky is a Professor Emeritus of Bard College.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
10 months ago

When evil is coddled, no one should be surprised when grater evil occurs.
Those who promote what is against nature will face a terrible judgement, if not in this life, then for eternity.
We want to know why justice takes so long, but ultimately it will occur in God’s time.
More of us need to get involved in politics and with groups that promote a mooral society.

10 months ago

Evil is sometimes hard to describe, but like pornography, you know it when you see it. Less than 2% of the World is Evil. All we need is the will to exterminate evil. Evil People need the Death Penalty, because with the Death Penalty they can’t be Repeat Offenders. Repeat Offenders are the real problem. Career Criminals need to be in Gulags, not comfortable prisons and only let out when they are no longer a threat to society. The idea that Career Criminals can be rehabilitated is mostly Myth. If you are confined in a Super Max Facility, you are there because you are not rehabilitatable. Violent Career Criminals need to be exterminated. Liberals are unwilling to exterminate Evil because deep down inside they know they are capable of being Evil because they are driven by Emotion and not Logic. For normal people, True Evil never crosses their minds as a reality because it is Illogical.

Religion tries to give those prone to Evil a guidebook for mostly civilized behavior, but historically Evil People have taken control of religions and twisted religion for political ends. We see a lot of this today, similar to the days of the Spanish Inquisition where the State and Religion become one. Religion should always play a role in guiding a Nation’s Morality, but Morality should never be law without the consensus of a Clear Super Majority; at least 85% of The People. This is why Abortion is such a hot potato. Just over 50% of the population see it as Murder, the rest as a Choice, but 98% of the population don’t condone Murder and so there is no clear Moral agreement on the Issue. The best compromise was to return it to being a State issue.

In the case of Wanton Murder, it is not the Weapon at fault, as it’s just a tool. In dealing with Wanton Murder 98% clearly see this as wrong. The fault lays at the feet of the Evil Person. It is obvious with the School Murders in Nashville that we were dealing with a Mentally Ill and Evil Person who should not have been allowed free movement throughout Civilized Society. We need to seriously review our concepts of “Freedom” for People who can’t conform to centuries old established normal behavior and are prone to violent behavior. The other 98% of society deserves to live in a relatively safe “community” without these few people being a constant threat.

Unfortunately, today Liberals see anyone with traditional ideas as a threat when they are not prone to violence, and want them locked up for their ideas, while tolerating violent people with no logical ideas, Evil in their little hearts, and who are totally driven by uncontrolled emotion, irresponsibility, and fear. The result is a lack of a Clear Super Majority on doing away with Evil.