Once We ‘Great Reset’, Algorithms Will Tell You What You Are


World Economic Forum member and professor of history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Yuval Noah Harari envisions algorithms that will tell teens if they are gay or not.

During a 2018 presentation at the annual World Economic Forum meeting, titled, Will the Future Be Human? Harari said the coming fusion of info-tech and bio-tech will allow human beings to be hacked.

Harari claims the algorithms will know humans better than they know themselves. Someday, they’ll even be able to tell people they’re gay. He asks, “wouldn’t it be fun,” say, at a party, if you could check your algorithm and find out if you are gay?

“What would you do? Would you just walk away? And even if you walk away, and even if you keep hiding from your classmates, or from yourself, you will not be able to hide from Amazon, Alibaba, and the secret police.”

Secret police?

The Left has moved on from the Republic, God, religion, freedom, nature, and into secret police. They are moving into the world of computer games, only with real people in real-time, people who hold core beliefs. They call it “human future evolution.” The only problem is it is man-made and they are the ones who make the determinations.


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1 year ago

The so called elite want to train people to be their pets. They are now “wiring” children as early as they can to be their puppets and play things. I realized this with my children a few years ago. My older daughter was born and raised overseas in my wife’s country. She started school in a bilingual school at 6 and learned English too. She had to work hard on her English skills. When my younger daughter was just 3, work took me to an English speaking country. After a year my daughter was only speaking English which really bothered my wife so she returned home put my daughter into kindergarten. My younger daughter has never had a problem with English and actually struggles with what should be her native language.

This enlighten me to just how venerable to “wiring” a child is between birth and 5 years old. When I was a child, no one went to kindergarten, you started school in 1st Grade at 6. Now I see a push to get children into preschool as early as 2. Basically, the Government wants total control of grooming your children; dependence on Government and Child Sex. It’s like all the Perverts in the World have gravitated to Government and Academia. Parents need to keep their children in the home until 6 again and make sure they instill their morals into their children by that age. One of the first things a child needs to be tought is when an adult tells you to keep a secret, you tell mom or dad what the secret is. We need to take more interest in the garbage our children are now taught in school. My wife reviews every page of our younger daughter’s text books, I also look them over and make reading assignments, classic novels and technology. Both daughters have loved the classic novels and we have taked at length about things like George killing Lennie (Of Mice and Men) and Marital Issues (Pride and Prejudice). My older daughter has told me the best thing I gave her to read was the “Motley Fool Investment Guide”. It got her interested in investing and she has done quite well. Our schools don’t teach morals or practical skills. Public Schools now just indoctrinate children. I am for completely dismantling the Public School System and replacing it with Vouchers.

The “hacking” of children is nothing new. Remove Morals and you can make most people do anything. Governments and Religion has done this for Centuries. It is most destructive when only one has control of our children which is why children who go to Public School and grow up in a Religious Community which pays attention to the schools are the most well rounded. As a friend who has a Doctorate Degree once told me, ” I’m not rich because I had to go to Sunday School and developed Morals.”