One Corona-masked Home Invader Killed Other Chased Away by Armed Homeowner


Once the coronavirus was declared a national emergency, some people were surprised by the jump in sales of guns and ammunition.  Here’s a story that, with all the attention paid to the pandemic, may have gotten lost.

In early April two armed robbers, wearing corona masks, attempted to invade a home located in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. Police said the doorbell video showed Bradley Finnan, 39, of Chattanooga, Tenn., and Larry Brodacz, 58, of Buffalo Grove, Ill., forcing their way into the home.

Inside the house, its homeowner fatally shot Brodacz during a struggle.  Police stated, “Fearing for his life and the lives of his wife and children, the homeowner discharged a round from the family handgun, striking Mr. Brodacz in the abdomen.”

The video also shows Finnan being chased from the house and being pummeled by the hero of the story.  After his arrest, Finnan told investigators Brodacz claimed he saw $200,000 cash in boxes in the house 20 years ago and that the money was still there.

The surviving member of this criminal duo was then charged with felony murder, for participating in a crime that leads to another’s death.  Talk about irony.

The video shows much of the action and an American flag.  The display of “Old Glory” should have served as a message to proceed with caution and at your own risk for Brodacz and Finnan.

Maybe they figured the 2ndAmendment didn’t apply to residents of Illinois, which made them dead wrong.


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LaMont Cranston
LaMont Cranston
3 years ago

Thank God the glorious people’s republic of Illinois didn’t file charges against the homeowner.
Know the stand your ground laws in your locality.
Anyone crazy enough to enter your home is liable to do grievous bodily harm.
If the ‘expert’ mandated lockdown doesn’t end soon there might even be bandits looking to raid the TP and pinto bean stash in the glorious people’s collective utopia USSA.
The CPUSA will mourn the loss of two potential foot soldiers for when the Great Leap Forward becomes mandatory.