Only $15K+ for VA school kids to learn black kids shouldn’t use ‘white talk’


Liberty Unyielding illustrated the latest racist school nonsense with a report from Rob Shilling in Virginia.

The Albermarle County Public Schools’ and Arlington as well, hired diversity-trainer Glenn Singleton to indoctrinate the children. Singleton’s firm is getting paid a whopping $15,000 just to give a one-hour seminar.

Singleton blames white teachers for poor performance by black students, even as he promotes offensive racial stereotypes. He claims that “white talk” is “verbal, impersonal, intellectual” and “task-oriented,” while minority talk is “emotional.”

As Schilling notes, progressive Albemarle County requires “all school division employees” to “participate in a compulsory one-hour race-intensive Zoom seminar” by Glenn Singleton “on Friday, March 26.

The schools are paying “$15,000 (plus additional technology expenses of approximately $1,000)” for this brief seminar. And that’s not the whole cost: “A schools’ spokesperson was unable to ascertain” the cost to pay hundreds of “employees not otherwise working at the time of the presentation.”

He goes on about “white talk” and tells black children not to talk white.

What is the point of that kind of racism? Racial stereotyping is the very definition of racism. This is going on in districts throughout the nation — 220 according to Liberty Unyielding.


The Fairfax School System invited racist Ibram X. Kendi to speak. He’s considered the foremost scholar on racism — shockingly.

Kendl is the totally ridiculous person who called Amy Coney Barrett a possible white colonizer because she adopted a black daughter.

Ibram Kendi has written that “the only way to undo racism is to constantly identify it and describe it — and then dismantle it.”

He also says “education and love are not the answer,” you have to constantly wallow in it. “Being an anti-racist requires persistent self-awareness, constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination.” You also have to be actively anti-racist or you’re a racist, baby.

He’s self-obsessed and obsessed with race, and he wants you to be too.

This is what is going on in our public schools. It must be stopped and can only be done at the grassroots level.



  1. Yo, cracka tricks don’t be talkin’ jive nawmeen (know what I mean), not even on Airplane. (racist!)
    Let’s go full Tower of Babel and just click and talk gibberish or just use emojis to communicate as part of our evolution into the New Man.
    Just read that BLM locked 100 customers into a Wegmans grocery in upstate NY.
    Stay alert out there in the glorious unity collective.

  2. I would love to ask any successful black person if talking white hindered their drive to move up the ladder. bet they never thought about their color. surprise surprise, neither do I. good for them.

    • There are routes to success in our society or any society. The rules don’t care if you are Black, Asian, White, or Brown. If you don’t follow the path, or blaze your own trail you won’t be successful. There is no way to success that has any regard for a person’s race or ethnicity in America. In the past it was not the case, but today in America it is true. That is why half of the world would like to come here, where they can follow the path to their own successful lives and make their own way.

  3. From what i am gathering this race baiter blames white teachers.
    Solution have black only schools , with only black teachers.
    There you go.

  4. Before long, they’ll be walking around, saying “Do you know what I’m saying?” instead of “nomesane?”.

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