Only some Haitians will be deported & 224 miles are wide open for any criminal or terrorist


The only people who will be deported from Del Rio are single men. All family units will remain. Most came as family units.

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz told Fox News on Sunday that single adult men will be expelled via the federal government’s Title 42 rule, although most family units who crossed illegally will be processed and released into the United States with a notice to appear in an immigration court.

Ortiz said in a news conference Sunday that deportation flights for some illegal immigrants back to Haiti have already started.


Border officials are so overwhelmed that they are now leaving 224 miles of the southern border in Texas unpatrolled and open for a “massive invasion.” This is a violation of Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, sources told former acting Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan.

“This is criminal,” Morgan, who served under former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax on Sunday. “The U.S. has lost control of the border in the Del Rio Sector.

“This would not have happened under the Trump administration,” he added.

If this is illegal, why isn’t someone being arrested? The country is being destroyed. Transnational gangs are taking over cities and are largely responsible for the rise in crime, combined with the lax law enforcement policies of Democrats.

“Article IV, Section 4 protects the states from invasion,” Morgan said. “It’s a massive invasion.

“What else would you call that: migrants unchecked, walking back and forth freely at the border. The federal government has stopped patrolling 224 miles, allowing thousands of migrants to come across.”


Under GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star” put in place this summer, Texas has activated hundreds of Texas Department of Public Safety officers to monitor the unpatrolled miles of the border, but Morgan noted they lack the “statutory authority” of the federal border agents reassigned to processing duties.

A call to the communications Texas DPS on Sunday could not confirm the number of miles left unprotected by DHS.

“If it wasn’t for Texas DPS, who knows what would happen?” Morgan said, noting public safety is being compromised by potential violence from masses of Haitians growing impatient of being processed as refugees amid the crush. “They could start patrolling the unchecked 224 miles, but they don’t have statutory authority to enforce federal law.

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1 year ago

The Democrats are changing people’s attitudes about Immigration. It’s moved to all Illegal Aliens including Dreamers must go to the back of the line in their country of origin. People are also rethinking the Ancjor Baby issues.

1 year ago

Our security would be laughable, if the outcome wasn’t so serious.

Alles Klaar
Alles Klaar
1 year ago

The Haitian preezy of the steezy (president) was anti-vax and it didn’t end well for him.
Maybe Slick Willie and Cruella Pantsuit could build Haiti back better?
Then the comrades wouldn’t want to come here, I kid, the free benefits package from the CPUSA is much better in El Norte.

1 year ago
Reply to  Alles Klaar

I suspect that it’s the Haitians’ experience with the Clintons that makes this administration fear that they might vote Republican. Hence, they must go.