Open borders groups form to bring back deported people


America’s Voice, an open borders cabal of leftist organizations, is pushing to take back the people already deported. That is something Joe Biden is interested in doing. These anti-American operatives will bring back “wrongly” deported individuals.

Anyone deported was here illegally, first of all, and secondly, the only people deported are generally criminals or tied to criminals in some way.

It seems America’s Voice has another public virtual meeting today to pressure BidenBama into developing “a centralized process to provide unjustly deported individuals a chance to return to U.S.”

Their “New white paper proposes creation of a DHS office to offer a meaningful chance to come home.”

“Immigrant rights advocates, along with deported community members and their families, will hold a virtual briefing to unveil a proposal for the Biden administration to establish a process to allow people who have been unjustly deported from the United States a chance to come home.”

This isn’t their home, that’s the point!

“The briefing is hosted by the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), Ohio Immigrant Alliance, New York University Law School Immigrant Rights Clinic, and We Are Home Campaign — will be held in conjunction with the release of NIJC’s new white paper, ‘A Chance to Come Home: A Roadmap to Bring Home the Unjustly Deported.’”

These people are all open borders and unAmerican operatives.

“The paper proposes a centralized Department of Homeland Security office to consider requests from deported individuals seeking to reunite with their loved ones and communities in the United States. The review process would operate separately from Immigration and Customs Enforcement and help redress the injustices of an immigration system that has become overly reliant on punitive enforcement and deportation. The proposal borrows from similar mechanisms already used in the criminal legal system to redress wrongful convictions.”

This is meant to tear at the heartstrings but these lunatic leftists want us to cure the world’s ills while we are sinking under heavy debt and a far-far-left cabal running our country under Biden’s name.


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