Open Borders Is Barack Obama’s Plan


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on “Hannity” Thursday and told host Kellyanne Conway that the open borders plan began in the Obama years.

We all know that or at least Trump supporters do.

“I think you can’t understand Joe Biden without looking at his eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president. Obama is arguably the most radical person ever to be president, protected by the news media.

“When you look at his underlying values, and his speeches, and his policies, and the people he brought in, he is extraordinarily radical in that process. Biden, over an eight-year period, became sort of a mini Barack, if you will. …”

He said Biden’s policies are working exactly as planned.

“We don’t have a ‘problem’ on the border. We have a Biden immigration policy, which is working perfectly, if you’re a hard-left person, which is destroying American identity, it’s crippling the rule of law.

“It is flooding the country with people who haven’t been trained in the culture, don’t necessarily understand how to function in our society, and create all sorts of problems.

“And I think we don’t realize yet this is a deliberate policy by people who want to undermine America, change it profoundly, and eliminate all of those crazy ideas like the Constitution, the rule of law, the work ethic, meritocracy, actually being able to know and do something.”

Gingrich is hopeful that people will finally make people pay this next election.

“If you’re on the hard left, those are all terrible ideas, and so what you have with Biden is a commitment. Now, I think politically, probably it’s going to be a disaster, but they don’t see it that way. They won the presidency in 2020. They survived 2022. They had an okay 2023. I think they think that they have a reasonable chance of survival, and they know that if they were to go to the policies you and I believe in, their entire left would erupt, and there’d be a civil war in the Democratic Party.

“So Biden goes along with the most active, aggressive, and militant parts of his coalition. And what we have is what you showed tonight on television.” [masses of humanity coming in anonymously.

[My biggest fear is that the Left plans to revolt if they lose in 2024, and they plan to use these new “Democrats’ of military age to revolt with them.]


Make it stop!

They even carry foreign flags.

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