Open Borders, Little Internal Enforcement as Anonymous Aliens Pour In


That mention of border and immigration security was lip service. Nothing more. No vision, no strategy. Just a wish list and another hollow push for immigration reform legislation. I think the President may have forgotten he has authority to fix the crisis NOW.

~ Chad Wolf in response to Joe Biden’s SOTU

Tom Homan wrote an op-ed for The Washington Times about the unforgivable delay in publishing the ICE report and the more egregious problem of the agenda that created the data.

You might want to review the figures. Basically, this is how Biden is abolishing ICE. In other words, we no longer have internal enforcement. The only explanation that makes sense is this administration hates the US and is bent on destroying it.

A Few of the Figures:
  • Total deportations were down 70% from the previous year.
  • More than half of the deportations in the last fiscal year took place in the final months of the Trump administration. Of the 143,355 illegal aliens who were released into the country, more than 16,000 have convictions or charges for non-immigration-related crimes.
  • If you combine ICE interior releases with Customs and Border Protection’s releases and estimated “gotaways,” at least 828,000 illegal aliens were allowed to enter the U.S. in FY 2021.

That is only some of the data and it’s likely been manipulated to look better.

Biden and his cabal of handlers chose to implement the radical Left’s immigration agenda. In so doing, they are destroying the country they so clearly despise.

Homan is a senior fellow at the Immigration Reform Law Institute and the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

He said that they couldn’t abolish ICE so they abolished the mission:

The numbers above are the lowest numbers in the history of the agency. This was not the result of mismanagement or incompetence, but design. The reprioritization of the ICE mission by the Biden administration was more smoke and mirrors. They said they wanted ICE to concentrate more on public safety threats. This was ridiculous since over 91% of ICE interior arrests in the past five years were criminal arrests. However, anti-borders activists and their allies in the media created a hysteria that ICE was “sweeping neighborhoods” and “separating families” to make indiscriminate arrests of those who pose no danger to the public. That was all untrue based on the actual data, but the truth rarely comes out. The catastrophic results of the Biden administration on immigration enforcement and public safety in this country deserve a congressional investigation and impeachment proceedings against Mr. Mayorkas, who has consistently lied to the American people and betrayed his vow to defend the country. The morale within the Border Patrol and ICE ranks is now nonexistent. They are broken. It will take time and strong leadership to repair such catastrophic damage. The bottom line is that more illegal alien criminals are on the street. They will continue to be released every day by jails and prisons across this country because the Biden administration designed it that way. Public safety has suffered under this administration, and it will get worse. We cannot achieve true national security without border security, and we cannot achieve border security without a strong interior enforcement policy.


Fox News reporter Bill Melugin who has followed the border crisis continually — alone among journalists — said after Biden’s SOTU that Biden is now calling for the Southern border to be secured.

As Chad Wolf tweeted, it’s lip service.

Melugin reports: Migrant encounters for FY’22 are already up 126% compared to FY’21 which was the highest year on record. 220,000 “gotaways” since October. Much of the technology he talked about was never built after wall projects were canceled.

Biden is pretending he cares about border security as aliens pour in illegally. We don’t know who they are or why they are coming really. As the world explodes with violence and totalitarianism, the US is playing with fire.

The communists handling Biden are in control and they are forever changing the US through demographics. George Soros is undoubtedly involved as is Barack Obama.

We are seeing a constant flow of people from around the world. We are getting mostly Latinos from communist countries that hate us, but we get people from Russia, Iran, China, and so on who will undermine our nation and its principles.

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