“Orchestrated” Campaign to Remove Judge Cannon Fails


An orchestrated campaign to remove Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon from the Trump documents case in Florida has been shut down.

An appeals court judge has shut down efforts to remove Trump-appointed judge Aileen Cannon from the former president’s classified documents case.

Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals chief judge William Pryor, in a May 22 order rejected four complaints against Cannon for their lack of evidence to suggest that Cannon is engaging in misconduct:

“These complaints appear to be part of an orchestrated campaign, as described in Judicial-Conduct Rule 10(b) and the accompanying commentary. The Chief Circuit Judge of the Eleventh Circuit has considered and dismissed four of those orchestrated complaints as merits-related and as based on allegations lacking sufficient evidence to raise an inference that misconduct has occurred.”

“Although many of the complaints allege an improper motive in delaying the case, the allegations are speculative and unsupported by any evidence. The Complaints also do not establish that Judge Cannon was required to recuse herself from the case because she was appointed by then-President Trump.”

More than 1,000 complaints in a week have poured in from the lawfare crowd.

That hasn’t stopped the hit pieces, especially from the hard left, Salon, Esquire, MSN, etc. However, the federal appeals court will no longer accept complaints.

Special Counsel Jack Smith, the hired gun, out to get Donald Trump for taking documents for his memoir, wanted to get the case in court before the election.

However, given the seriousness of the case, Judge Cannon is reviewing every concern lodged by the Trump attorneys.

Smith doesn’t like all that due process given to his target. It’s not likely this case will get before the courts before the election, and Fani Willis’s won’t either.


However, Judge Merchan in Manhattan would gladly imprison him for the corrupt Bragg case. As Professor Jonathan Turley said, he is still not sure what Donald Trump was convicted of.

We have a lot of people like Jim Comey calling for imprisonment. Comey claims Donald Trump is begging to be imprisoned.

Comey is confused politically, but he’s likely a commie. “He said that in his twenties, he had been both a Communist and a Reaganite. “I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically,” he said. “Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out,” Comey said.

Judge Cannon is now considering whether Jack Smith’s appointment as Special Counsel is ‘valid’.

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