O’Reilly says traditional America is over in November if Joe Biden wins


Bill O’Reilly explained what was at stake in this next election. If Biden wins, it is truly the end of traditional America. It will usher in a Marxist America and Republicans will never again have a voice.

O’Reilly succinctly addresses all of Biden’s agenda items. One of them is energy. About that, Bill said:

So a Biden administration would wipe out oil, gas, fracking, natural gas. All of that’s gone. All those jobs are lost because of the Green New Deal. And we’ll have windmills and solar panels. Let me give you, break this to you. China and India aren’t putting windmills in. All right. So no matter what we do, they’re not going to do it. So what good is it? We destroy our whole energy industry here, and that’s exactly what will happen.

And the federal government will take 10 trillion tax dollars and invest it in windmills, 10 trillion, which will then raise the debt to 40 trillion, which we can’t pay back. Then the U.S. dollar, the currency of the world, starts to go like this and all your savings or your IRA’s, all your retirement, your college fund, everything starts to go like this. Can’t owe 40 trillion dollars. This is what’s going to happen if the Democrats win the House, the Senate and the presidency, because they say it. They say it. They’re not deceiving us. They say, this is what we’re going to do.

He also addressed Biden’s foreign policy:

OK. Now, as far as foreign policy is concerned, it goes back to the Obama foreign policy. We’re one nation among many. We’re not exceptional. We don’t lead. We follow. OK. Immigration.

Open borders? Absolutely, Biden was not going to beef up the border. Not going to do it. All right. People come in, pour in, even though you say, well, why would they pour in with high taxes? They don’t have to pay the high taxes. It’s only people earning more than 75k that pay the high taxes. But below 75k, they’re not going to pay any tax. OK. Sanctuary cities? Fine. Amnesty for all the illegal aliens here, that could be between 15 and 20 million, and fast track the vote.

Once 20 million new foreign nationals get to vote, one-party state, Republicans never have a chance again. That’s the ultimate goal of the massive immigration funded by George Soros and the radical left. OK. Biden is not going to stand in the way at that, nope, even though he was for the wall in his previous senatorial career. Wanted it. Not now. Let’s get them all in and give them right to vote. Then we won’t have a Republican Party anymore, just like in California and New York State.

He concludes it’s the end of the USA:

All right, so traditional America disappears off the planet never to be found again. So the things that made us strong, the things that made us noble, gone. Race relations. Minority groups will get all kinds of government largesse. All right. They will be the favorite sons and daughters. No doubt about it. Black lives matter, they’ll have their own cabinet position. Those Marxist ladies will be all over the White House.

Now, you think I’m exaggerating? I’m not. I’m not, because they say it. I’m not exaggerating at all.

So for the first time in my career that spans forty-six years, I can’t keep an open mind about Joe Biden, the Democratic Party. I can’t vote for them because I don’t want traditional America to vanish, to be destroyed, to be demolished and they’ll do it. And people say, well, when he gets elected, he won’t be. No, he’s not in charge. He’s not calling the shots. He’ll do what he’s told.


You can watch O’Reilly’s podcasts, which are really shows you might watch on Fox at night, at billoreilly.com.  He is not the O’Reilly who was on Fox. He is free to be extremely honest. While we don’t agree with everything he says, he does offer a very good show four nights a week.

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3 years ago

If Biden wins I hope for a successful military coup to save the USA from swirling down the drain.

3 years ago

O’Reilly is right,except it will be far worse than he projects. A vote for Biden is a vote to hand our country over to the CCP who owns Biden And his gang of traitorous Commiecrats.